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Is Your Law Firm Website Design Behind the Times?

When you have a law firm, you likely don’t start your day thinking about your law firm website design. While handling serious cases and reviewing evidence around the clock, the look and design of your site aren’t always a top priority. Many legal professionals make the mistake of focusing their efforts on other parts of their law firm marketing plan instead of their website. There are a few reasons your website design may be behind the times and why it needs immediate attention.

Integrate a Few Important Tools

Although your law firm website design may be attractive and on point, it can still lack the effect you need if it doesn’t have the right tools and features. It’s important to utilize a platform that provides you with an unlimited number of pages to ensure you can provide your visitors with more content and visuals. This will allow you to constantly add more content as your firm grows. This way, you never have to worry about becoming limited with what you add. The platform should also provide you with an unlimited number of contact forms and even provide you with a blogging module to ensure you can integrate law firm SEO with consistent and well-written blog articles.

Add Professional Content

The content you post is just as important as the graphics and visuals on your website. It’s the voice your visitors hear as they read about your law firm and the services you provide. Without a professional voice or quality information, they won’t take you seriously. 

As you improve your law firm web design, rely on professional writers to improve your web copy or create it from scratch. Make sure your content writers are well-versed in legal terminology. They should also work closely with you to identify your target audience. Content writers are skilled in producing professional legal content but still making it personable to ensure your law firm is approachable for prospective clients.

Prove You Understand Your Clients

Redesigning your website is also the chance to prove you understand your clients and what they need. You want to include content that answers their questions before they even have a chance to ask. The site can even include an FAQ page that answers top questions prospective clients may have. 

The more questions and information you include on the website, the higher your firm will rank on search engines when people search for specific answers. Content writers are also capable of writing this content to make it easy to understand.

Signs Your Website Needs Attention

All of this may be informative, but you may still be wondering if your website is actually outdated. Fortunately, there are a few signs to look for to determine if it needs some attention and help from experts.

Start by viewing your website with different types of devices. You should explore each page on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. If the site isn’t formatted correctly for your tablet or smartphone, then it needs to be updated to accommodate more devices.

You can also take a look at other law firms’ websites in the local area to compare. Are their graphics more advanced? Do they have useful features your site is lacking? If they have a better website, your pages are likely ranking lower on Google, and you’re lacking the competitive edge you need to attract more clients.

It’s also a good idea to get a second opinion. The best people to ask are your clients because they’re the ones who have actively used your site. Ask what they think about its looks and how easy it is to navigate. Don’t stop there! Next, take their input seriously and implement what changes you need to make.

Other people at your firm can also give you their suggestions. Consider giving a survey for anonymous opinions from your team to determine if the site is user-friendly.

Make Your Law Firm Website Design More Credible

Your website should also boost your credibility to ensure you can be trusted. If it looks like your website was built in 1998, you’ll turn away a lot of potential clients even if you have a lot of experience. You’ll need something polished and professional that makes your law firm look successful and well-established as well as on top of the trends. Several factors influence web design, making it necessary to have modern typography, photos, and consistency on each page. The website should also have the same features when it’s viewed on different devices.

Credibility can also be established by adding client testimonials. Testimonials are extremely effective in earning the trust of potential clients and should be easy to find. They’re most useful on the front page to ensure they’re one of the first features people see. Dedicate an entire page to testimonials, as well, where visitors can learn more about the positive experience other people have had using your legal representation.

Don’t wait any longer to enhance your image and reputation in the industry. Contact us today to improve your website design. With our talented designers and developers, your site will be in the hands of the experts.

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