Glam Rocker Video Script

Female Voiceover:

Today, your hair can look any way you want:

Amped up with billowing hair extensions,

Volumnized with a professional weave

Or rockin' a wig for a whole new you.

But that means you need a

different shampoo and conditioner

to take care of your extra long tresses.

Well, get ready to rock your locks!

Introducing Glam Rocker

Hydrating Cleanser Shampoo

and Recovery Cream Conditioner.

This one-two punch is specially made

for synthetic and remy tresses

with our exclusive sulfate-free and

color-safe formula.

It puts moisture back into your new hair

and it's gentle on your natural hair, too!

Top it off with Glam rocker recovery cream

and all of your hair will be shiny, smooth

and tangle free.

Get rockin' with our dynamic

Glam Rocker duo by RemySoft

The best products for the hair you rock!