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I have a blog…now what?

Posting relevant content to your blog is just the beginning. There are so many more opportunities for a blog writing service to increase your blog’s potential to garner leads like an optimized template, social bookmarking, RSS feed and tactical placement in the sidebar of related products, forms and other calls to action.
Making your blog a hub for SEO ranking and lead gathering is technical and time-consuming. Not to worry! We have the time and the techies to do it. Starting at $49!

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Search Engine Optimization

You provide the keywords and tone and we do the rest. Our expert web copywriters in Search Engine Optimization will make sure that your message is heard loud and clear. With our proven tactics, you’ll get the exposure your brand deserves.

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Directed Traffic

Take control of your blog and influence a visitor’s experience to make it more enjoyable or more directed. We design custom solutions that increase visitor responses, so you can reap the benefits of community. Emphasize the hot spots of your blog and make them more effective.

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Side Bar Setup

Convert your blog traffic to leads and sales by tactical placement of products, forms, and relevant calls to action. Direct your traffic to the things you’d like them to see.

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Internal Links

Internal links are very important to your page ranking. They allow Google and other search engines to crawl further into your site, as well as take advantage of traffic and content outside of your site. Tactfully placed, these links will bring more people to your site.

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Custom Imagery

They say a picture speaks a thousand words; we agree. Add images to your blog to really bring it to life. We’re not talking cheesy, stock photos here either. They’re designed specifically for your pieces, and we’ll assign the same designer to all the work you do with us to ensure consistency throughout.

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Social Sharing

Want to add even more value to your posts? We’ll share them to your social networks and apply our tested techniques to make sure they stand out among the rest. Connect with your fans, drive more traffic, and increase your revenues.

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