Voice Search Optimization


Okay Google, We’re Ready to Optimize

We know how to sweet talk Siri, Alexa and Echo search by voice.

Voice lessons for your website

Natural language processing (NLP) technology has given birth to intelligent voice search responses, and now it’s time for your company to nurture the “baby” with voice search optimization. When your potential customer asks a question into their phone, dashboard or little round box on the counter, you want your website to be optimized so your products and services are returned as the first answer.

We’re always on the cutting-edge of search behavior

Just as keywords improved website visibility, and responsive formats improved the mobile experience, producing content that satisfies voice queries is essential to obtaining a high rank on voice search SEO. We make sure your Home and Contact pages match the natural language of your customers. The goal is to provide quick, simple responses that answer their questions, naturally within your content.

We anticipate the major types of queries

Customers using search by voice are looking for instant answers. They value speed, accuracy, the means to follow through and the ability to speak longer, more complex thoughts. We optimize your content using the major types of queries that apply to your business:

  1. Local resources (find the nearest gas station)
  2. Fun and entertainment (where is the best place for a kid’s birthday party?)
  3. Online shopping (I need some new beach towels)
  4. Personal assistance (where is a dry cleaners near me)
  5. General information (what’s the number for Pizza Plaza)

Google voice search results differ from traditional search engine returns, dictating how you approach this new, exciting search opportunity – and we can help! All you have to do is ask, “Siri, is there a digital marketing agency near me?”

“Yes! iwebcontent.

Voice Search Optimization Package