Expert Proofreading & Editing

Give your content one last push toward perfection

Why do I need proofreaders?

Let’s be honest — when we’re writing content ourselves, we’re not always the best at identifying our own mistakes. We know what we want to write. But sometimes, it just doesn’t come out that way on the page. It’s why iwebcontent has a team of copywriters and proofreaders to edit copy and ensure mistakes are located prior to our content shipping out. And we’re now ready to offer that same proofreading service to businesses.

Get your writing right

Of course, finding mistakes is only half the battle. A proofreader can show you where you’ve come up short, but a professional editor can take things a step further and actually make the changes your content needs to achieve perfection. In addition to having a professional proofreader look over your copy, we can also assign an editor to your project to fix errors or rewrite content where necessary. If you’re most of the way there and need a nudge across the finish line, we can help.

Budget-friendly prices for any business project

Whether you’re big or small, with lots of copy or just a few pages, you’ll find our low prices meet your needs. Contact us today so we can start putting the finishing touches on your content.