Product Descriptions


Product Descriptions Have the Last Word

Let us close the sale with compelling copy that's informative and unique.

Selling copy that sizzles

Whether you want your product descriptions short and sweet or heavy on the romance, we can do it all. If you already have some descriptions, we’ll match the new ones to your old style, so the content is seamless from one product to the next.

We take care of it so you don’t have to

You’ve probably found out writing these little gems isn’t as easy as it looks. And even if you use vendor copy, it should be rewritten so there’s no duplicate content on your site. Google hates duplicate content!

It’s all in the details

Of course, the more information you provide up front, the better your product descriptions will be in the end. But even if all you have is an image and content, we’ll take it from there. It’s our job to fill in the blanks for great selling copy.

Revision satisfaction

As always, we aren’t satisfied with our content until you are. We write, revise and repeat ’til it’s perfect.

Product Descriptions Package