A Beginners Guide to Content Marketing Terminology — Part 5


Copyright infringement can be dangerous ground.
Don’t let copyright infringement harm your content marketing efforts.

We have already discussed a number of content marketing terms to help individuals who are not familiar with them learn more about this area of business marketing. Even if you work with content writers to create your content, it is critical to understand many of the terms used so you can remain a part of the process. The more input you are able to give, the better content your writers can provide.

Content Marketer

A content marketer is a creative individual who is experienced in creating marketing materials for businesses. This individual can take a couple of keywords and transform them into valuable content that will provide readers with the information they are looking for. In many cases, content marketers work with a large number of clients across a variety of industries. This means a great content writer is capable of researching just about any topic to give every client the type of content that will fit the needs of the website’s visitors.

Copyright Infringement

Whenever an individual or business creates content, it becomes theirs to use or sell as they see fit. This is considered a copyright, even though the individual doesn’t need to do anything to secure this copyright. Unfortunately, sometimes other websites or individuals steal the content and use it as their own. This is called copyright infringement. If you intend to use content that wasn’t created by you or your content marketing company, make sure you receive the proper permissions from the author. Likewise, if you notice someone has used your content without your consent, don’t hesitate to send an email to the website owner asking them to cease and desist.


As individuals browse the Internet, their computer stores an image of the websites they visit for future reference. This is called a cache. When individuals return to the same pages they have previously visited, the cache allows the page to load more quickly. The cache can lead to problems, however. For instance, sometimes when a website makes drastic changes, the stored images on your computer will not allow the changes to be seen. In this situation, users may need to clear their cache to resolve the issue. In fact, this should be done on a regular basis to prevent problems. This may initially lead to longer load times, but they will speed up again after the first visit.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The number of individuals who visit your website doesn’t matter as much as how many of those visitors convert into sales. Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, refers to optimizing your web content pages or landing pages to increase the number of visitors who convert into customers. With the help of qualified content writers, you can create pages that will encourage individuals to purchase items from you, rather than your competitors.

Indexed Pages

One of the primary content marketing goals is to improve search engine rankings so more potential customers can find you. Indexed pages are those the search engines have crawled and ranked in their search engine results based on your keywords. The goal is to have as many indexed pages as possible to increase the number of visitors you bring to your site on a regular basis.


More website users today are looking for visual stimulation, such as pictures and videos, to get the information they are looking for. Infographics are one of the newest ways in which companies are passing valuable information on to their customers. These graphics are designed to provide complex information to individuals in a fast, easy-to-understand manner. These are one of the most popular content marketing tools used today.

Twitter Marketing

Many businesses today use Twitter as a way to interact with their customers on a more personal level. Twitter marketing refers to all marketing activities that take place on this social media site. Businesses can use this social media writing to tell their followers about a sale, promote their latest products or even build up to a major event within the company. The use of hashtags can also be useful in this type of marketing to bring in more followers and further spread the word.

Content marketing is filled with terminology that can be difficult for an inexperienced individual to understand. However, it is critical to understand these terms to ensure that you are familiar with the tactics your marketing company is using. The more informed you are about the process, the easier it will be to track the success of your content writers and your marketing campaign.

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