What Is the Difference between Context versus Content Marketing?

Context marketing requires the assistance of good content writing.
Good website content writing is required for context marketing.

You are probably aware of the importance of quality website content writing, but are you familiar with context marketing? These two aspects of online marketing may sound the same and could be easily confused; however, it’s important to understand the differences. When you hire a content writer to help you create your content, you should determine if they know how to implement both of them into your marketing plan.

Quality Content

Content marketing generally refers to the act of adding articles, site content pages and social media posts to give your readers the information they need. Website content writing agencies provide a long list of services so you can effectively reach your target audience; however, when you turn to a copywriter service, it’s about more than creating a steady flow of quality content. In addition to your website content writing and blog posts, you need to understand the basic elements of context marketing to enhance the impact of your content.

Reach the Right Audience

Reaching your target audience is one of the most important aspects of your context marketing. While you may recognize the need to determine who is more likely to need your products or services, there’s more to it than knowing whether your customers are primarily male or female and how old they are. Copywriters for hire need to truly know your audience in order to create the content you need to effectively reach your target audience and help them realize you are speaking to them.

The information you need depends on what you offer your customers. For instance, a music store needs to know what type of music their customers listen to. A pet store needs to understand what types of pets are prominent in their area. In addition to these specific questions, sometimes asking seemingly irrelevant questions can help you get a feel for the makeup of your audience.

Find the Right Time

Another intricate aspect of your context marketing is reaching the right people at the appropriate time. This can be a more difficult element to perfect, even when you hire a content writer to help.  With the proper use of content marketing, you will provide the valuable information your readers are looking for through their preferred method at a time when they need it. Working with your website content writing services can help you accomplish this task.

How to Perfect Your Context Marketing

If you haven’t paid much attention to your context marketing strategies, it’s time to start. Your copywriter service will help you with all the necessary steps so you can create the most effective online marketing plan possible. As you work to refine your marketing tactics, consider the following:

  • Create customer profiles – As you discover the demographics and other important information about your customers, create a database of customer profiles to help you segment your larger target audience. Your copywriters for hire can refer back to this document to help them create new content for your website, blog and social media sites.
  • Learn more about your audience – There are many factors you need to consider when segmenting your customers and prospects. What are their aspirations? What do they need? What do they want? This information can help you determine the best ways to reach them.
  • Be natural – Many companies try too hard to make themselves look good to their customers and prospects. While it’s important to create a positive impression, it’s necessary to do it as naturally as possible. Internet users can often detect when a company isn’t sincere, which will cost sales, rather than boost traffic.

Content marketing has been an important aspect of effectively reaching your target audience for years; however, the face of marketing has evolved, requiring you to know more about your customers and prospects. Your website content writing needs to feel like you are talking directly to them. When you make the effort to really get to know your customers on a personal level, they will take notice and are likely to turn to your business to satisfy their needs.

If you are looking for a copywriting service to help you with content and context marketing, contact us. We can help you create effective content that truly speaks to your target audience.