Mistakes That Could Derail Your SEO Success

Don't make mistakes that could derail your SEO success.
Are you making these mistakes that could derail your SEO success?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to ensure your customers can easily find you. However, it isn’t something that’s easy to do without experience and could actually cost you traffic if it isn’t done correctly. This is why many companies choose to work with SEO optimization services. An SEO services company understands the mistakes that could derail your SEO success and strives to help you achieve your marketing goals. These search engine optimization tips will give you the traffic boost you want.

No Title Tags

If you don’t even know what title tags are, you are already at a disadvantage. In short, the title tag is the link people will see in the box at the top of their browser. This is the link that sets each page of your site apart from the others, and it can typically be edited when you create each new page. This is one of the ways expert writers increase SEO rankings. Adding your main keyword to the title tag will capture the attention of Google, giving your site a ranking boost, as well as show your readers what the page contains. This will increase the chances interested parties will visit your site. In addition to using the keyword, keep title tags under 70 characters for the best results.

Missing Meta Tags

The meta tags, otherwise known as the meta description, is the block of text that appears under the title of the page in the search rankings. This description is meant to tell readers what they can expect from the page, while enticing them to visit your page to get the information they are looking for. You have 160 characters to show your readers you are the one they can count on to provide the information they seek. To ensure the best results from your meta description, keep it to around 155 characters, implement a strong call-to-action and use your keywords. The search engines highlight the words the user searched for to show the value of the page.

Overusing Your Keywords

It wasn’t long ago keyword density was a buzz word in the world of content marketing. This is no longer how expert writers increase SEO rankings. While using keywords is still an important tool in reaching your target audience, it’s more important to use the words naturally than it is to use them a certain number of times. Any keyword you are targeting can safely be used two to four times. However, it can also be effective to use similar words or phrases in place of using the same ones repeatedly.

Failure to Tag Images

Images, like many other aspects of your webpages, can be tagged as well. Many people ignore what is referenced as the “alt tag” when they upload new images, which can have a negative impact on your search engine optimization. Your SEO services company should help you tag your images by creating an informative sentence that includes your main keyword, providing helpful information to the reader. This is also the text visitors will see if the image fails to load for any reason, which can play a vital role in their understanding of what you intended them to see.

Targeting the Wrong Keywords

Keyword research is an important element in creating content for your website. While any keyword could potentially help, there are some phrases and words that have little opportunity for boosting your rankings. It’s essential to find out what your potential customers are searching for and then focus your content toward those keywords, rather than what you think you should rank for. There are many online tools available to help you see which keywords related to your industry and business will provide the maximum results.

Making mistakes that could derail your SEO success can be detrimental to your ability to attract customers online. SEO optimization services have the experience necessary to help you avoid these pitfalls and increase your rankings naturally. Without the use of the search engine optimization tips, you could find your online presence falters and you are unable to attract the people who need your business.

If you’re looking for an SEO services company to help you boost your site rankings, contact us. Our experienced staff can help you choose the right keywords and implement them into your content to attract your target audience.