How a Properly Formatted Call-to-Action Results in Lead Generation

A call-to-action guides your readers in what they should do.

A call-to-action may seem like a simple piece of the anatomy of a landing page, but is it really? Even though it is only a short blurb located at the end of content for websites or landing pages, it is actually one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. When your marketing content writer formats your call-to-action properly, you will be able to generate more leads and bring in greater sales for your business.

Why Calls-to-Action Are So Important

A call-to-action, when accompanied by quality web content, is one of the best ways to attract more customers to your website. When individuals search for information online, they want to be told what they should do with that information next. This is where a call-to-action comes into play. This short blurb should instruct your readers on the next step. This piece of anatomy of a landing page or web page can be used to:

  • Solicit newsletter subscriptions
  • Download free long-form content
  • View videos
  • Sign up for free trials
  • Purchase a service or product
  • Register for a webinar

Calls-to-action are a valuable way to gather contact information from your readers.

Get readers to sign up with quality web content.
Quality web content should help encourage your readers to sign up.

How to Create an Effective Call-to-Action

A good call-to-action should be placed at the bottom of the page so visitors encounter it after they are done reading. This is why the rest of your content should be high quality web content. A marketing content writer can help you create the most effective content to ensure individuals are more likely to fill out the form or complete whatever action you are asking. To ensure your call-to-action gets the results you want, use the following tips.

Keep It Simple

call-to-action doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, it should err on the side of simple. This element should only be one to two sentences long and can be set apart from the rest of the page by surrounding it with a colored block. However, this isn’t always necessary as long as it’s placed at the end of the page.

Consider Using a Button

While a button isn’t essential on your website pages or your blog posts, it can be a valuable piece of the anatomy of a landing page. Sometimes individuals only scan a landing page to find out if it is relevant to them. When your call-to-action is associated with a button that stands out from the rest of the page, users will be more likely to see it and click on it.

Don’t Be Pushy

Just because Internet users want you to tell them what to do next, it doesn’t mean you should be pushy about your sales. If you want to pull your visitors further down the sales funnel, it’s important to be welcoming in your call-to-action, helping them see why your business is the best one to satisfy their needs.

Work with an experienced marketing content writer in inbound marketing.
Your marketing content writer can make your content more successful.

Place It Properly

It may be tempting to place a call-to-action at the top of the page so everyone is sure to see it, but this won’t produce the results you’re looking for. In most cases, it’s best to put this element at the bottom of your quality website content. This is why it’s so important for your marketing content writer to put a lot of effort into all of the content on your page. If readers aren’t making it to the bottom of the page, they won’t follow your instructions.

Be Smart

A smart call-to-action will understand the location of your readers in the sales funnel and use that information to your advantage. If your page is targeted for new visitors, it will require a different call-to-action than one for a page where visitors are likely ready to make a final purchasing decision. The goal is to make sure readers find the call-to-action relevant to their situation.

A call-to-action is one of the most important pieces of the anatomy of a landing page. This is the element that tells your readers what you expect them to do and encourages them to leave their contact information, which is valuable in your lead generation plan. The more information you are able to gather with your call-to-action, the more people you will be able to convert into customers.

If you’re looking for a marketing content writer to help you write and place effective calls-to-action, contact us. Our writers can help you create landing page that convert visitors into customers.