Do Facebook Ads Work for B2B Lead Generation?

Facebook ads may seem like an unlikely place for B2B advertising. But, depending on your products or services, Facebook may be just the place to engage with other businesses related to yours with the goal of generating leads. LinkedIn and Google may be the biggest names in the B2B business, but Facebook’s unique tools allow businesses to create highly targeted campaigns that generate promising leads through online marketing. Here’s how:

Use Facebook Pixel to Reintroduce Your Business

Help your ad campaigns go the last mile with this handy function that allows your ad to display on other pages your prospects visit. It’s a seamless and understated way to keep your product or service in the eyes of your prospective customers even after your interaction, no matter how fleeting. By adding a small piece of custom code to your website, you can collect aggregate data about your users which can later support your efforts to reach those same customers even after they’ve left your website. 

Retargeting through Facebook Pixel can be a highly effective form of lead generation because it shows up during your prospect’s ordinary browsing behavior. What’s more, you can use the aggregate data collected via Facebook Pixel to better create Custom Audiences for better engagement through your Facebook advertising. 

How Facebook Audience Insights Helps You Build Better Ads

If you want more power behind your Facebook ad campaigns, this is the tool to provide it. As a part of Ads Manager, this function allows you to target your audience via multiple segments that you select based on your own advertising strategies. These include target audience career fields and industries, as well as job titles, and Facebook user behavior types. What’s more, when setting up your Audience Insights, Facebook makes automated suggestions. While not all of them might be right for you at that moment, those suggestions are often based on reliable data, otherwise Facebook wouldn’t offer them as suggestions. After all, Facebook wants to make money, too. 

Fine-Tune Your Facebook Advertising for Best Results

In order for your Facebook ads to have the biggest effect, you need to maximize their effectiveness. Create an ad that delivers the kind of message that prompts conversions. Instead of entertaining your prospective leads, inform them; make it clear that you have something of value to them, not just something of interest. Consider how your color, font, and ad content choices influence the success of your Call To Action. The best way to improve your Facebook advertising? Hire experienced social media writers to achieve the greatest ROI for your message. They know how to create a CTA that resonates and motivates prospective buyers. 

Strength in Numbers 

The benefit of including Facebook Groups in your lead generation strategy is that you’re coming into a group of people who are already interested in and talking about a topic related to your business, so there’s a natural fit. This is the place to build relationships and authority. When fellow group participants have questions, you can provide accurate and reliable answers. Build a reputation, and season your answers with incentives or additional information about your own product or service as appropriate. The key is to give before you get. 

Make sure your contributions are solutions-driven and customer-oriented, first and foremost. You want group members to see you as a valuable resource and not a salesperson. Now, when your ads come up on users’ Facebook pages or feeds, you’re more likely to see conversions because you’ve become a trusted resource.

Using Partnerships to Both of Your Advantages 

Indirect social media marketing through Facebook can also deliver significant results. Approach influencers and leaders with missions and goals, reach, and audiences that are similar to yours. How can you work together for mutual benefit? Develop collaborative campaigns with benefits like lead generation for both. Your audience is likely to see increased value in your product or service if it’s backed by someone with standing in the field, and vice versa for your collaborator’s audience, whose standing rises based on your authority. This added push can help improve your pay-per-click ad performance through name recognition or solutions-oriented ad content.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Soft Conversions

Facebook helps with soft conversions, too, facilitating your relationship with your audience. Through events, coupons, free trials, free quotes, and newsletter signups, you can draw prospective customers and gain additional opportunities to connect for continued engagement and the potential for more concrete conversions. The ease with which Facebook makes these interactions possible, without users even having to leave the site, creates a nearly frictionless user experience. And having social media writers with online marketing experience create your ad can make the difference between ads that prompt action versus those that have users just scroll on by.

Make Organic Content Work for You

Interacting with your own followers is one of the best lead generation strategies. Use your own FB status to create content to be shared organically, especially where videos are concerned. Remember to retain your voice, whether that’s casual, serious or something in between, in all interactions. That goes for posting FB status updates to commenting on your own posts in conversation with other users. Be authentic. Be you. You want to reach that person behind the business; show them the person behind yours. For help in maintaining consistency throughout your Facebook advertising strategy, get help from experienced social media marketers, who can help you develop and retain a distinctive voice all your own.

The benefits of using Facebook ads for B2B marketing include these highly effective tools for more precise targeting. Improvements make for a better ROI on your ad dollars. Most users are comfortable with Facebook these days, including Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials, alike. Important to remember that users, in general, are familiar with and easily switch between desktop Facebook access and mobile access. Facebook advertising offers outreach tools to effectively reach your audience, whoever they are.  

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