Why Your Digital Agency Should Be White Labeling Your Content

Have you ever wondered where the phrase “content is king” comes from? It originates from an essay by Bill Gates written and published on the Microsoft website in January of 1996, and it remains as true now as it did over 20 years ago. Unfortunately for many in the digital marketing sphere, while content remains king it can be increasingly difficult to get your hands on good, relevant content. That’s precisely why so many digital agencies turn to white label marketing. 

What is White Label Marketing Anyway?

To start with, let’s talk about white label products. When you head to your local Costco to pick up a twelve-pack of sodas and opt for the cheaper, but still tasty Kirkland Cola you aren’t actually getting a caffeinated drink manufactured in a Costco factory. That twelve-pack of sugary goodness is crafted in the same facility that pumps out other big soda brands, but packaged in a different can and under a different label so Costco can sell it under their own label. This is essentially the same thing that is happening with white label digital marketing, but with a little bit of a twist.

When it comes to white label digital marketing and white label content writing, the same principle applies. An agency uses their skills and expertise to craft a high-quality product that another digital agency can then sell to their clients and customers. And there are innumerable benefits to this, which is why an increasing number of digital agencies are now outsourcing content writing, web design, and other marketing services. 

Save Time and Drive Down Costs 

A digital agency may wonder why they would need to white label content if they already provide their own. It’s true that if you have your own staff of writers you may not need to outsource all of your content and you may not need white label digital marketing for other tasks such as web design. 

However, do remember that as your client base grows, your demand for content and other marketing services will grow too. In this case, you can avoid having to hire additional full-time team members to take care of these tasks. White label marketing services make it possible to get everything done in a timely manner and deliver your clients everything they need without having to take on or commit to additional staff. 

On top of that, white-label marketing services help you avoid having to handle areas your team isn’t equipped to handle. If you don’t have staff trained in SEO marketing you can find specialized help such as white label SEO. This way you can keep your team focused on what they do best and let the pros in their field do what they do best. 

Tap Into Another Revenue Stream

It pretty much goes without saying that white label content writing is also a way for your digital agency to tap into another revenue stream – one that may be much more profitable than you realize. Any service you are capable of offering your clients can be crucial to having money flow into your company. 

Though you are paying another company when outsourcing content writing, you are still profiting when you resell these services at a markup. Any profit you make is still a source of revenue. White label digital marketing could potentially be much more profitable than you realize when all these incremental revenue streams add up.  

Build Your Client Base

Speaking of doing what you do best…another benefit of white label marketing is the great opportunity to focus your attention on building your client base. As a digital marketing agency, when you can begin to shift your attention away from your services by outsourcing content writing, you can focus more on managing your client relationships. 

The ability to obtain as much content as you need through outsourcing, as well as to acquire other white label digital marketing services, allows you to provide more comprehensive marketing offerings. Rather than focusing on day to day management, you can begin thinking about the big picture and building the strategies that will get your clients where they need to be. This, in turn, can help you build a larger and stronger client base. 

Boost Your Brand Image

When your clients see you are able to provide them with whatever they want and need, regardless of whether it’s a sweeping social media campaign or a series of video scripts, they’ll begin to see you as their one-stop-shop for any and everything marketing. 

Perhaps the idea of being the “Costco” of digital marketing doesn’t seem so glamorous, but it’s a pretty good position to hold in the marketing sector. Just as you head to Costco whenever you need a twelve-pack of soda, some light bulbs, and a pack of laundry detergent, your clients will be headed to you (and recommending others head to you) anytime they need digital content. 

When you utilize white label digital marketing services, you gain the ability to deliver a wider range of services and the ability to deliver more consistent results. This can help you stand out above your competitors and gain a reputation for excellence. 

Do you think white label digital marketing might be the right solution for your business? Feel free to contact our team of digital marketing specialists to learn more.

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