Social Media Strategies for Medical Marketing

If yours is like many healthcare organizations, it might be in need of a little resuscitation – at least when it comes to medical marketing. Across the board, numerous industries are beginning to adopt social media into their marketing strategies. However, as of today most within the healthcare industry still believe their marketing efforts, and specifically, their social media is a bit behind the times. It’s also easy to see why that might be the case. 

Reaching out with the latest news and trends isn’t too hard when it comes to fashion, beauty, or even interior design. However, if you’re an Ob-Gyn or a hospital, what kinds of marketing messages can you relay? And who exactly are you reaching out to? These are all important points. Fortunately, these social media strategies can help boost your medical marketing efforts and your online presence.

Create a Voice for Your Organization

Clean. Sterile. These are the types of words people think about when they imagine medical offices. That’s great because it’s what people want when they head to the doctor. However, healthcare writing doesn’t have to be clean and sterile, which is a mistake those crafting content for the healthcare industry make all too often. While you may not want to be too over-the-top, you should still give your content an engaging voice to create a caring relationship with your patients. 

Use a medical copywriter to help craft content for your office or your organization. They can make sure to use accurate information and feature a voice that’s friendly, reliable, and one your audience will feel they can count on. Among the many great things about social media is it gives you a way to interact with patients or individuals who may have questions, concerns, or other things to say. Having someone on top of your social media and who knows how to speak in the appropriate voice is also important as this person will act as the public face of the organization and help humanize it.

Provide Educational Content

Also important to remember is that when people head online, they are often seeking information. Medical copywriters can offer assistance crafting educational content for your blog, articles for your website, and much more that provide the information curious individuals need about medical conditions, medical procedures, and much more. When combined with the right keywords and posted on your social media, this can help drive more people to find you and your organization. The specialized content can also help establish your organization as knowledgeable and authoritative. 

Additionally, as a part of your social media presence, you can help educate your audience on misinformation they may see online. In the present day, there is often information that’s not based in fact circulated on social media, and some of it can be harmful. Using your own social media account to combat this misinformation as a part of your medical marketing efforts is not only effective but can also further help establish your presence as an educational authority.

Know Your Audience

The phrase “know your audience” may feel trite, but it exists for a reason. It’s generally wise to focus your attention on a specific demographic, depending on the social media platform. Each social media site boasts a somewhat different demographic, and catering to the demographic on those different social media platforms is always a good move. In that case, it can be wise to change your style, your voice, and other things about your content to better suit that specific audience and what they expect. This can help your audience be more receptive to that content and can also help ensure they are more likely to see it, especially if you are aware of which platform boasts a higher number of users within your target audience.

Make Your Content Original

While you can’t make everything original, there are some things your organization may be able to provide that your audience can’t get anywhere else. For example, as part of your healthcare marketing efforts, you may consider posting tutorials on how to use equipment or products your organization sells or you may post blogs about inspiring patients from your organization (with the permission of those patients, of course). The sky’s the limit! Among the most notable things about crafting original content is that it is more likely to get likes and, more importantly, it is more likely to get retweets and shares when posted on social media. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Advertise

Advertising can be a little scary when you work in healthcare. After all, you are in the business of helping people, and self-promotion can feel a bit strange. However, it is still important to remember that at the end of the day it is a business and you still need to reach out with your services. This applies to healthcare nonprofits, too. Social media is an effective way to advertise, especially when you remember just how much time the average person now spends online, whether on their computer or on their phone. Additionally, advertising on social media is typically not as intrusive as advertising through other means.

While the process of building a medical marketing strategy may seem challenging at first, it also offers numerous rewards. Are you searching for a team that can help you with your own healthcare marketing efforts? Whether you need a medical copywriter or assistance with healthcare website design, the team at iwebcontent can be there for you. Contact us today!

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