Converting from an Outbound to Inbound Marketing Plan

Using inbound marketing tactics increases your number of conversions.

The older methods of outbound marketing often cost too much and take more effort than they are worth. The return on investment for these marketing strategies is no longer acceptable. If you are currently using email blasts, traditional advertising techniques, trade shows and typical networking for your marketing, it is time to take a look at inbound marketing through a copywriting service. This method of marketing is more effective and costs less because it reaches out to your target market instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Problems with Outbound Marketing

The cost and time it takes to use outbound marketing is not the only problem with these older methods of advertising. One of the biggest concerns is that individuals are finding more ways to block these forms of advertising. Spam folders can eliminate the unwanted email blasts, causing great difficulty in reaching your audience. Many people simply discard what they consider “junk mail” without giving it a second glance. Even television commercials are no longer as effective because people can simply record their shows and fast forward through the commercials. It is time to hire a copywriting service to help you reach your audience more effectively.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Many people are not familiar with what inbound marketing is exactly. The older forms of advertising often involved you reaching out to a broad audience in the hopes of finding a percentage of people who were interested in your products or services. With the latest trends in society, these methods are no longer effective. It is too easy to opt out of these advertising tactics. Instead, you need to turn to methods that allow your audience to come looking for you when they need you. Some of the most commonly used elements of inbound marketing include:

When you work with a copywriting service, they will help you build a content marketing plan that will have the highest chance of success in bringing in the type of traffic you need to succeed.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most critical aspects of your inbound marketing plan is to make sure your website, blog and landing pages rank well with the search engines. If you don’t rank well, your intended audience isn’t going to find you. Few people move beyond the first page of search results when they are searching online. This is why it is so important to bring your website to the first page if possible. To increase your chances of ranking well, you need to work with the right copywriting service that has the experience needed to improve your rankings.

Social Media

Social media has become a necessary element for advertising your business. People no longer use these websites solely to keep in touch with family and friends. Your customers will love to connect with you on a more personal level through your social media accounts. This will become an important aspect of your content marketing plan. You need to send out posts every time you post a new blog post or when you are running specials through your business. Social media is a great way to attract the attention of the people who are most likely to need what you can offer them.

Quality Content

The centerpiece of your new content marketing plan is the content you produce. If you aren’t able to create a steady stream of quality content for your blog and other aspects of your inbound marketing, you will lose the ability to attract new individuals who need your products or services. The key is to keep up the flow of content without sacrificing the quality. Your audience wants to find information that is valuable to them and gives them the information they are seeking.

If you are no longer seeing the return on investment you used to from your traditional advertising methods, it is time to accept that these methods no longer work. Inbound marketing is the best way to reach your target audience. When individuals come to you instead of having to reach out to a broad audience, you will see more sales without having to spend more on your advertising. These newer methods cost less and help you reach the right audience the first time, eliminating wasted advertising dollars.

If you are ready to put together a new content marketing plan that will give you the best chance of success, contact us to discuss your options.