eBook: The High-Tech Lead Generator

An eBook can be a valuable tool in content marketing.
An eBook as part of an effective content marketing strategy can be a powerful tool.

Lead generation is one of the most important parts of content marketing. Your business won’t grow without the ability to generate quality leads that will convert into future sales. There are many ways businesses can increase the number of new leads, including trade shows and affiliate marketing. Today, eBooks written by a web content writer are a great way to develop leads on a new level, giving your prospects something valuable in return.

How Do eBooks Generate Leads?

The first step in your decision-making process is to understand how eBooks generate new leads for your business. The best example of how this strategy works is to look at the promotions and specials at your local grocery store. They may offer a coupon for a milk discount when you purchase a package of cookies or offer samples in an effort to entice you to buy a product. These strategies are quite similar to what you will be creating with your eBook.

In exchange for providing their contact information that you can use for marketing, you will provide individuals with an eBook filled with valuable information. Your eBook should relate to something within your business that a potential customers would be interested in. A custom writing service can help you find the right topics for your business, as well as create relevant content for your eBook.

Why Are eBooks Beneficial to You?

Other methods of lead generation are often costly or involve hard selling techniques. These tactics are not typically as successful with consumers. Instead, eBooks allow you to present your potential customers with something that is of value to them. When you offer something they want, it increases the chances of converting the leads into sales.

Another reason why eBooks are beneficial is they are less expensive to produce. If you look for a web content writer who is experienced in creating these, you should be able to purchase it as part of a content package. It is also easy and financially economical to distribute to potential readers.

This type of lead generation also offers technological benefits, including:

  • Convenience – Easily link to other aspects of your content marketing, such as your website, blog or social media pages.
  • Quantifiable Measurements – Track your success through the links embedded in your eBook.
  • Variety – Update your current content to keep up with the changes that occur within your business, rather than providing a static piece.

A Brand Enhancing Tool

Hiring a custom writing service and web content writer to create an eBook is a great way to enhance your branding power. The more exposure your brand receives, the more likely individuals will learn to associate you with your products or services. When you offer this type of professional document, it will build a better relationship between you and your customers, giving them more reasons to trust you as an expert in your field.

To ensure the most success from your eBook lead generation, it is important to:

  • Complement Your Existing Brand – Tie in your existing branding, including logos, slogans and colors, so readers can easily identify that the eBook belongs to you and your company, building your reputation as an expert.
  • Make It Professional – Giving your eBook a professional look will go a long way toward establishing your expertise. Using the right images and formatting will ensure that your final product provides a professional image for your business.
  • Use the Right Tone – Tone is everything when it comes to online content. Make sure your web content writer knows what type of tone you are looking for in your lead generation strategy. Do you want the eBook to be more conversational or educational? Make sure the tone gives a clear message that matches the information in the written content.

When you ask your custom writing service to create an eBook for your lead generation purposes, it is important to make sure it is done correctly. An eBook can be a powerful tool that will generate more valuable leads than many other tactics that have been used in the past. This eBook should still use SEO copywriting strategies, but it should also reach out to your intended audience in a new way.

If you are interested in adding an eBook to your arsenal of lead generation tools, contact us to find out how we can help you build a professional document.