Why Your Social Media Efforts May Not Be Working – Part 2

Learn to use social media properly for greater success.
Social media mistakes can be costly to your overall marketing efforts.

As we discussed in the last post, social media is an important component for an effective content marketing strategy. For many businesses, it can be difficult to keep up with the demands of social media writing. Unfortunately, this leads to fatal mistakes that can drive consumers away from a business instead of drawing them in. Understanding these common mistakes can help you create a more effective social media marketing strategy.

No Analytics

Analytics can be an important tool to help you understand the success of your content marketing. Many of these tools are free or low cost, allowing you to take advantage of all the benefits. If you don’t make the effort to find out what is working with your social media, you won’t be able to determine what needs to change and what should continue.

The Wrong Platform

Some companies randomly choose a social media site or try to use them all at once. This may work for some businesses, but in most cases, this will not create the results you are looking for. Instead, research your target audience and determine which platform they are more likely to use. You can then focus on content for social media sites your audience is actively visiting, eliminating wasted time and effort.

No Visual Content

Social media writing needs to provide your followers the specific information they are looking for. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only aspect of content you should be focused on. Today, many users are looking for visual content to learn much of the same information. Therefore, the use of visual content can provide you with the ability to reach your intended audience in new ways, holding their attention for longer.

Running on Auto-Pilot

Scheduling social media posts ahead of time can be a useful tool for businesses that don’t have the time to post to their social media on a daily basis. While this is beneficial when used properly, it’s never a good idea to run your posting on autopilot all the time. A social media copywriter can implement time-sensitive posts into the rotation, giving the illusion that you are actively participating on a regular basis, even when you don’t have the time.

No Goals

Content for social media shouldn’t be something you do randomly. Instead, you need to set goals for what you want to achieve, just like you do for every other aspect of your content marketing. Create goals that are attainable and detailed so you can measure your success in a tangible manner. A lack of purpose can be one of the fastest ways to set yourself up for failure on social media sites.

Failure to Integrate Your Marketing

Social media is an important aspect of your marketing efforts. Therefore, it is imperative to integrate your social media marketing into your overall marketing picture. Cross promoting your blog, products and other types of content can help you make an impression on your visitors.


Search engine optimization isn’t just for your blog and website; it is also an effective tool for your social media writing. Content for social media should contain your keywords, attracting the same audience as your other content writing. Social media can also appear in the search engine results, making it a powerful tool to add to your marketing efforts.

Not Using the Tools

Social media is packed with tools you can use to more effectively market to your target audience. A social media copywriter can help you determine which of these tools will have the greatest impact on your audience and implement them into your strategy. These tools can give you the boost you need to be successful.

A Misunderstanding of Social Media Culture

Every social media website has its own culture. If you don’t understand what that culture is, you could be using the wrong platform in an effort to reach your target audience. Sometimes there are misconceptions that take place, which can lead a business to post the wrong type of content that won’t attract the right audience.

In the world of social media marketing, it is important to make sure you aren’t making any of these vital mistakes. Understanding and avoiding them can increase your chances of success in this platform. If you still aren’t sure how to handle your social media, a social media copywriter can be a valuable investment.

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