What Are the Current Trends in Content Marketing?

Content marketing is critical to success.
Keeping up with the latest content marketing trends can help you succeed.

Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of operating a business online today. Consumers now use the Internet to research products and services before making a purchase, as well as communicate with the businesses they choose. For this reason, many companies now hire content writers to handle article writing, including blog content. Understanding the current trends will help you make the right choices to boost your business.

Social Media, Blogs and Newsletters at the Top of the List

Article writing services offer a variety of online content for business. Some services offer set packages, while others allow companies to pick and choose the content options they need. In either situation, social media marketing, blogs and newsletters are currently at the top of the list of content marketing must-haves. While these tools will continue to generate success, case studies, live events and branded content are continuing to gain popularity, helping companies effectively reach their target audience.

Methods of Measuring Success

When you create content marketing, it is important to measure your plan’s success so you can make adjustments for your benefit. Today, most businesses look solely at their traffic to determine if their tactics are working. As the world of marketing evolves, companies will begin to realize it isn’t only traffic that signifies success. Conversions are the most important method of determining if your current marketing strategies are working.

The Types of Content

Whether your content writers are creating blog content or general article writing, what they write about plays a significant role in your success. In the current marketing trends, many blog posts and articles are written toward industry trends. This means many companies are writing about their company and the individuals who run the company. While this information is important, it isn’t always the best way to reach your target audience. As the role of content marketing changes, businesses will begin creating content that tells readers how they can help resolve problems, rather than why a company is the best.

Get a Head Start on New Trends

Monitoring content marketing trends can help you stay on the same level as your competitors. However, this often isn’t enough to help you stand out from the other businesses in your industry. Instead, you need to keep a finger on the pulse of marketing trends so you can take advantage of them as soon as they begin to change. When your content writers begin working on new marketing tactics, you will gain the competitive edge, showing your customers you are the one they should turn to. Some of the types of content you should start using include:

  • Case Studies – Case studies show your readers how you can resolve a problem they have with solid proof. They also allow you to create more backlinks to further boost your marketing efforts.
  • Live Events – Not all businesses have the time or resources to hold a live event. However, this type of function can help you network with local businesses that may benefit from your services, and give you a platform to share your ideas.
  • Conversions – Start looking at the number of conversions you get instead of the amount of traffic you generate. Landing pages with embedded forms are a great method for tracking your success.
  • Customer Focus – Staying focused on your customers will go further than promoting your business. Using a general tone to your blog content and other article writing can help you effectively reach your target audience instead of putting them off with sales speak.

Content marketing is an ever-evolving process that requires attention to detail and adjustments so you can stay on top of your industry. With all the businesses that now use the Internet as a method of generating more sales, it is becoming more important to track marketing trends. Even if you don’t complete your own writing, your content writers need your input to create the type of content your readers want.

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