White Paper: The Online Marketing Tool of the Week

Article writing services should provide white papers.
The white paper is a valuable content marketing tool many businesses should be using.

Online marketing is comprised of different types of content to ensure businesses can reach their target audience and give potential customers the information they are searching for. Good article writing services can provide you with a variety of content pieces to best meet the needs of your customers and prospects. A white paper is one of the types of content you need to give readers in-depth information that proves to them why you are the right business to fulfill their needs.

The Purpose of a White Paper

Even though white papers aren’t the most popular type of content marketing, they serve a clear purpose in the business world. These documents allow readers to learn more about a company in a longer format than many of the more popular marketing tools. Those who choose to use article writing services to create a white paper typically use them for one of the following purposes.

Lead Generation

One of the primary goals of content marketing is lead generation. Businesses want to obtain contact information from individuals who are likely to need their services. When your content writers create a white paper, you can offer this valuable information to website visitors in exchange for their content information, building a list of qualified leads.

Newsletter Signups

Many businesses use newsletters to pass information along to their customers and to keep their name in their customers’ minds. If you are having trouble getting people to sign up for your newsletter, consider offering a white paper in exchange. As long as you choose the right topic, they will be eager to give you their contact information so they can read it.

Facebook Followers

Social media is an important tool many businesses now use to communicate with their customers. It can also drive more traffic to your site, leading to more sales. Once your content writers create a quality white paper, you can use it to entice readers to follow you on Facebook. All users need to do is follow you and then click “like.” Those who like your page will receive a special download of your white paper.

Blog Post Awareness

Your older blog posts may have driven traffic to your site when they were first posted, but over time, traffic to those posts slows. However, if you have posts that relate to the white paper content , create links in your white paper to your posts. Readers may click on the links and read your older blog posts, generating new interest.

How to Create a Quality White Paper

Once you realize the benefits of using white papers as part of your content marketing, you can start working with your article writing service. Simply give the content writers the topic and any additional information they need, and they will handle the rest.

Determine Your Audience’s Problem

To create a valuable white paper, you must first determine what your audience’s concerns are. Many individuals are interested in reading white papers because they need a solution to a problem. Your white paper will provide the answers, giving your readers the information they need.

Share Your Secrets

Businesses have become protective of their secrets, often hesitating to share them with anyone for fear their competitors will use the information. However, when you don’t include some of your secrets in this type of content, you aren’t providing your readers anything beyond what they can get from anyone else. This can make the risk worth it. You don’t need to share all your secrets.

Limit the Length

In general, white papers are lengthier than other forms of online marketing content. However, these documents can be too long, causing your readers to lose interest. White papers should be between three and 14 pages. This gives readers the information they need without overwhelming them.

White papers can be a powerful online marketing tool when used correctly. While these documents aren’t used as often as other, shorter pieces, they make great strides in offering the information your readers are looking for. Many article writing services work with content writers who are familiar with writing white papers to give your business a content marketing boost. When you provide your readers with valuable, in-depth information about how you can resolve their problems, you will generate more leads and attract more business.

If you are looking for help writing a white paper for your content marketing plan, contact us. We have the experience you need to create an easy-to-comprehend yet authoritative white paper that will answer your potential customers’ concerns.