Captivate Your Prospective Customers with a Great “About Us” Page

A content writing service can help with an "About Us" page.
Web content writers can create a great “About Us” page.

When visitors come to your website, they will look for certain pages that tell them you are a legitimate business they can trust to meet their needs. One of those pages is the “About Us” page. However, this page needs to be more than a simple statement of who you are and what your business is all about. Instead, you need to hire web content writers from a content writer service who know how to captivate prospective customers and draw them into your business.

Add the Human Element

The most important element of a compelling “About Us” page is adding the human element. When people work with a company to fulfill their needs, they prefer to work with one that treats them as a person instead of dollar signs or a number. One of the best ways you can portray this aspect for your company is to address the human side of your business. Your web content writing for this page should talk about who you are instead of what products or services you offer.

Not Another Sales Pitch

Most businesses treat their web content writing as one giant sales pitch, trying to convince visitors to purchase products or services from them. While this is the best way to approach many of your content pages, your content writing service will understand how to approach this unique page on your site. Instead of using it as a way to convince people to use you, it is best to tell what your company is about and why you want to help.

Express Your Philosophy

Visitors click on your “About Us” page because they want to know about your company and what makes you different from the other companies in the same industry. Telling your web content writers what your philosophy is will help them create a captivating page that portrays what you envision for your company and your approach to doing business.

Your Company Has a History

Most companies start as a small business and grow into a more powerful entity over time. One way to give your website a more personal touch is to ask your content writing service to put together a timeline of your company history. This timeline should highlight the most interesting points without boring your readers. Good web content writers can make these details more appealing and draw prospective customers in.

Introduce Your Team

Everyone loves to put a face to a name. Implementing information about your team members, along with a picture, can show your customers who they will be working with and help them make a solid connection with your company. If your team members have business-related social media profiles, consider adding links so customers can follow them.

A Visual Touch

Today’s Internet users are more visual than ever before. These individuals want to see infographics and images that help them visualize what you are trying to say. Ask your content writing service about using these elements on your “About Us” page to give your readers what they expect.

Consider Other Media

In addition to infographics and other images, it can be useful to implement other types of media into your “About Us” page. Talk to your web content writers about the different media they can use. For instance, create a video to tell the story of your business or talk about why you chose to start this type of business. Hearing your voice can also help your readers become more emotionally invested in your company.

Building your website is one of the most important steps to succeeding in today’s business world. Hiring a content writing service with experienced content writers will ensure you have a team to help you build a captivating website that leads to more customers. Web content writing, particularly with your “About Us” page is a sensitive element, requiring you to exercise caution. Without the right approach, your website may not achieve the level of success you want.

If you are looking for help with your “About Us” page, contact us. Our experienced team of writers is ready to help you more effectively reach your readers.