What’s All the Fuss about Google+?

Social media content writers can help you make the most of Google+.

Google+ isn’t the first option that comes to mind when most people think of social sharing for their online marketing plan; however, social media content writers recognize the importance of using this tool to effectively reach your target audience. In its three short years in existence, this site has quickly grown, making it essential for a strategic marketing plan. Learning why you should use Google+ will put you on the path to successful marketing.

What Is Google+?

Before you search for social media writers who can help you manage Google+, it’s necessary to understand what it is and how it can be used. This social media marketing site ties directly into your Google account, giving you many advantages. Unlike other social media sites, Google+ is designed to help you connect with people with the same interests. This makes it an effective tool for businesses to easily connect with those who need their products or services.

Communities and Circles Abound

Google+ uses a network of communities and circles to help members connect with others. Communities help you find others who share similar passions. Circles, on the other hand, help keep your interest separate. This makes it easier than ever to share relevant content with the right people. When you post something in other social media sites, everyone you are connected with can see the message. On Google+, you can control who sees what information. Your social media writing can be shared with only those who are interested in the content.

One of the benefits of using Google+ as part of your strategic marketing plan is because of the size of the communities. Some of the communities found on this social marketing site can be as small as a few people, while others extend to hundreds of thousands of people. This means you can reach more people quickly and easily.

A Seamless Connection

Because Google+ ties directly into your Google account, you will create a seamless connection between all aspects of your business. You can easily tie in your Gmail, search services and play store into the social element of your business. For instance, when you search for a specific keyword in Google, you will immediately see results from within posts in your circles on Google+ in addition to those found on other websites. This makes it easier for customers who are connected with you to find what they need.

This isn’t the only way your Google account seamlessly implements into your Google+ profile. You can easily share documents you store in Google Drive with those who are connected to you within your circle. This also makes Google+ a powerful tool to use between your employees. When your staff is collaborating on a project, they can create a circle for only those involved in that project and share documents and other information instantly. There’s no end to the possibilities with Google+.

Don’t let the many benefits of using Google+ pass you by and leave you wishing you could do more. Your social media content writers can help you implement this underused social media site into your online marketing plan so you can effectively reach your target audience. Google+ may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider social media writing, but it can be one of your most powerful allies if you learn to use it correctly.

If you are looking for help with your strategic marketing plan, contact us. We can help you see the importance of using Google+ in addition to other social media marketing tactics.