Social Media Writers Use These Marketing Tactics to Increase Your Twitter Fan Base

Find out how social media writers attract more followers.
Social media writers can help you attract more followers.

Have you ever wondered how other businesses build such a large following on Twitter? When it comes to social media marketing, it’s important to develop a strategic marketing plan designed to attract more followers so you can quickly reach a much larger audience. Remember, when you have a lot of followers, Twitter creates a ripple effect every time you post and someone shares that post. Social media writing can be one of the most effective ways to attract new customers.

Share Others’ Posts

You expect others to share the content your social media writers create, so why wouldn’t others expect the same? Whenever you see a post by one of the people you are following that attracts your attention, consider resharing the Tweet with your own followers. When other people see you are willing to share quality information others post, they are more likely to share your content as well.

Integrate Twitter in Your Content Marketing

You spend a lot of time and money on creating blog posts and other content to provide your readers with the answers they need. With professional writing skills, your content writers can create valuable content your readers will enjoy. Every time you make one of these posts, don’t rely on search engine results as the sole method of driving traffic to your site. Instead, post Tweets about your posts so your followers can find it more easily. Your strategic marketing plan should focus on integrating all of your content types together.

Start Real Conversations

Many consumers use social media as a method of communicating with others. Engaging with your target audience is easy in Twitter. Look for conversations relevant to your industry and join in. You can even start conversations with your followers by specifying their Twitter handle, prefaced by the “at” symbol. When you actively engage with your followers, they will continue to turn to you as an industry leader who can answer all of their questions.

Promote across Platforms

Many businesses use social media writing across a number of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Even Instagram has become useful for many businesses. While it’s easy to treat each one as a separate entity, it can be valuable to link them all together. For instance, if you create a poll on Facebook designed to gauge your readers’ reactions to a new product, you may want to link to that poll on Twitter so more people will vote and you will get data from a larger segment of your audience.

Use Your Keywords

Parents often tell young children to use their words to help them learn how to effectively communicate their thoughts. The premise of Twitter is quite similar. As part of your social media marketing plan, you should make sure to use your keywords in your posts. Search engines often look at more than just websites when determining rankings. Using keywords on your social media sites can help you rank better and attract more Twitter followers.

Reply to Your Followers

Many consumers reach out to businesses through social media writing; however, some businesses neglect paying attention to these messages and may not reply, turning customers away from their business. This is one of the primary reasons companies hire social media writers to handle their Twitter account and other social media sites. When consumers see you are responsive to your customers and answer their questions directly in the social media platform, they are more likely to rely on you than on a business that ignores comments from users. This is especially important when customers ask a question or leave a complaint, though you should also respond to positive feedback.

Twitter can be one of the most effective aspects of your strategic marketing plan if you use it properly. Your social media writers can help you create posts and respond to your followers, allowing you to build more followers in return. Don’t forget social media is a platform designed for interactions. When you show your customers they are important enough to get a response, they will show you loyalty in return.

If you are looking for social media writers to help you gain more Twitter followers, contact us. Our social media writing team can help you engage your audience and increase your followers.