A Professional Content Writer Can Prevent You from Making These Landing Page Mishaps

Talk to professional content writers about using landing pages.
Professional content writers know how to create effective landing pages.

The best landing pages are those that generate a large number of leads on a consistent basis. If your landing pages aren’t providing a steady stream of viable leads for your business, you need to consider working with experienced website content marketing services to ensure the best results. Professional content writers know how to design a landing page that provides the results you expect.

An Unrelated Headline

When you click on a link in an ad, you expect to find something related to the text you clicked on. One of the biggest landing page mistakes companies make is creating a headline that doesn’t tie directly into the advertisement. Make sure you pay close attention to the advertisements that lead to each of your landing pages and use the same wording in the headline to ensure readers are likely to continue reading the page, rather than hitting the back button.

Elements Are Out of Order

While website content marketing services have their own view of what landing pages should look like, general landing page design is relatively the same. If you place certain elements in the incorrect order, the results won’t be what you expect. For instance, if you place the call-to-action at the beginning of the page, people are less likely to follow the instructions because they will forget about it before they reach the bottom of the page.

A Lack of Strategy

The best landing pages are those that speak directly to the reader. How do you know which readers will see a landing page? This is why it’s important to work with professional content writers with experience in creating landing pages. Each landing page should be tailored toward the same audience as the advertisement from which it is linked. This will increase the chances the landing page will speak to the user and entice them to fill out the form so you can gain a new lead. Without this type of strategy, you will miss out on a significant portion of your target audience.

No Incentive

A large number of visitors to your landing page will be new visitors who have no prior experience with your company. This means it’s your chance to make a great first impression and gather their contact information so you can actively cultivate a relationship. If you don’t know how to design a landing page with a valuable incentive to readers, you will miss out on these conversions. New visitors want something of value in exchange for their information. They want to feel like they are getting something they can use in return.

Asking for Too Much Information

Studies have shown landing pages that request less information are more likely to convert readers into viable leads. For this reason, it’s important to consider exactly which information is vital and which isn’t necessary. For instance, if you plan to send out emails to your leads, all you really need is a name and email address. However, if you want to contact potential buyers by phone, a phone number field becomes necessary. Long forms are less likely to be completed, especially if the reader doesn’t feel it is worth their time.

Separate Yourself

Many companies are jumping on the landing page design boat and you don’t want to miss it. Because your competitors are probably trying to reach the same users, it’s important to use your landing page as a way to stand apart. Professional content writers should discuss what sets your business apart and then weave that information into the copy for your landing page. While landing pages are relatively short, it’s important to ensure your readers know the value you can offer so they turn to you rather than your competitors.

The best landing pages require careful thought and planning. Hiring experienced website content writing services is one of the best ways to avoid these costly landing page design mistakes. Even though landing pages are just one small step in the sales process, they are extremely important. Without them, it is more difficult to obtain new leads you can then cultivate into repeat customers with the right care. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to expand your business.

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