The New Style and Power of a Press Release

Reach your target audience with a press release written by a professional article writing service.
A professional article writing service can provide quality press releases.

Press releases have long been an effective method of sharing information with the media. With advances in the Internet, press releases have morphed to serve various purposes. A professional article writing service is capable of using the latest style for the press release and tapping into the power this type of content can offer. The goal is no longer sharing information with just the media; press releases are now meant to be read by anyone.

Make Sure It’s Newsworthy

Even though your main goal isn’t to reach the media, it’s still essential to make sure your web content writing services are choosing newsworthy topics for your press releases. This is one of the elements of an effective press release that hasn’t changed. Taking a news approach to your company will provide valuable information and present it in a way that builds on your reputation.

Write for People

Because press releases are now featured online, some website content writing services may tell you it’s important to employ the same SEO techniques in this type of content as you do in your website and blog. While you will need to enter tags or search terms when you distribute your press release, you don’t have to worry about search engine optimization. Instead, your web page content writer should be focusing on writing for the audience. This will make the press release easier to read and will ensure those who see it will obtain value from it.

Use Quotes

Quotes are a valuable resource for boosting your trustworthiness among your readers. Every press release your professional article writing service creates should include at least one quote, but multiple quotes can add extra value to the content. Make sure the quotes you use are attributed to individuals within your company who extend credibility, such as an executive. Another option is to ask other industry leaders for a quote. This will lend an authoritative tone to your entire press release.

Include Links

Like all other elements of your content marketing, your press release should link to your website and other relevant resources. You should always include at least one link to your website to show readers where they can go for more information.  However, you may also benefit from including links to your social media profiles and any relevant blog posts you may have created.

Make It Worthy of Sharing

One of the most powerful aspects of posting press releases online is the ability to share it with others. Social sharing buttons have made it incredibly easy for individuals to share content they find useful and interesting with their family and friends with just the click of the mouse. However, you need to make sure your web page content writer is creating press releases that encourage sharing. In addition to choosing a newsworthy topic, the press release must provide the valuable information readers are looking for to answer their questions and resolve their pain point.

Tell a Great Story

Today’s Internet users expect web content writing services to tell a story with every piece of content they create, including press releases. This type of content should focus on creating a story your readers want to follow. Make sure the story you are telling isn’t old news. If you want to cover a topic that has likely been covered before, put your own spin on it to make it more enticing for your readers. If you don’t think it’s a story worth telling, chances are your readers won’t either and you’ll be wasting your time creating a press release on the topic.

Writing press releases has dramatically evolved over the years. This type of content is no longer limited to reaching the media with the hope they will pick up the story and share it with their readers. Today’s Internet users have direct access to press releases, making it more important than ever to make this type of content really count. Website content writing services can help you create valuable press releases worthy of sharing.

If you’re looking for a professional article writing service that can help you create effective press releases, contact us. We can provide the valuable resources you need to showcase your business as a leader in your field.