A Professional Writing Service Can Create an Impressive and Effective Press Release

A press release writing service can help you pick the right topics.

Press releases are no longer content designed to provide information to the media. While you still need to choose a newsworthy topic, your press releases will reach a much larger audience online. In order to be effective, you need to know how to write a press release that gets results. A press release writing service will be able to help you implement these press release tips to ensure your content reaches the right people and draws attention to your business and what you can offer.

Create a Clear, Concise Headline

professional writing service understands the importance of creating a clear, concise headline that tells readers what they can expect to learn from the press release. Like all other headlines, it’s essential to capture the attention of your readers. Your headline should be no more than 100 characters and should contain a keyword you are targeting. This word or phrase should appear within the first 65 characters of the title.

Tell Your Readers Why

While good press release writing services will address any number of questions, they question of why should be dealt with in the early portion of your press release. You need to let your readers know why they should read the content and why it’s relevant to them. When it comes to press releases, the story is more important than the branding. While you may mention your company’s name early in the press release, you should focus on the actual announcement before dealing with any additional information about your company.

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Don’t Use Too Many Hyperlinks

Writing general content for your website or blog involves using a large number of links to help guide users through your site or to provide additional information. However, when it comes to writing press releases, you should keep these links to a minimum. Relevance is important when adding links to a press release. If they don’t add value, it’s best to leave them out. However, you shouldn’t avoid using them altogether. You should include at least one, but use no more than three.

Include a Quote

A press release writing service understands the importance of establishing credibility in your press releases. Using a quote is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. For this reason, it’s recommended to use at least one quote from an official from your company. This can come from the owner, CEO or anyone in upper management. You may also be able to use quotes from your customers with their permission. This information lends credibility to your press release and helps readers connect with the content.

A professional writing service should be able to help with press releases.

Consider Multimedia

Internet users today are visual creatures who learn more from looking at images and videos than they do from reading content. For this reason, you should consider a multimedia approach to your press releases. A relevant image or video can go a long way toward increasing the value of the press release and ensuring more people will see it and learn from it.

Use a Call to Action

Just like all the other online content you create, a professional writing service should include a call to action that tells your readers what you expect them to do next. With a press release, the most common type of call to action asks readers to contact the company for more information on the topic. Adding a link to your webpage, as well as a phone number or email address, can be an effective way to drive more traffic to your site and encourage people to start a conversation with you.

These press release tips can help you create effective releases that provide valuable information to your readers and help them realize the value of relying on your business. However, it’s not easy for inexperienced companies to create press releases that make a difference. Instead, you should consider hiring a press release writing service to help. These services have the experience in creating press releases that capture attention and showcase your business as a leader in your industry.

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