Do you know the real value of mobile marketing?

Why Mobile Marketing Has Become So Valuable for Conversion Rates

Do you know the real value of mobile marketing?
The value of mobile marketing is on the rise.

Everywhere you look today, you’re likely to find a large percentage of individuals you encounter either have their smartphone in their hand or within easy reach. Even in their own homes, more people are using mobile devices to access the Internet than desktop and laptop computers. This means the value of mobile marketing is rapidly increasing. If you aren’t using experienced content marketers to work on a mobile marketing strategy, you could be missing out on valuable conversions.

Responsive Design

One of the key factors in a successful content marketing strategy geared toward a mobile audience is the design of your website. Traditional website design isn’t easy to navigate on these smaller devices. In the past, you had two options: settle for traditional and hope mobile visitors didn’t mind or spend the money developing a mobile site to use in conjunction with your desktop site. The first choice would have a negative impact on your mobile conversions, while the second isn’t a cost-effective option. With the introduction of responsive design, a type of web design that automatically detects the device and adjusts the presentation accordingly, a mobile marketing content writing service can more effectively help you reach your mobile audience and improve your chances of success.

Reach your mobile audience with the help of experienced content writers.
Experienced content marketers can help you reach a mobile audience.

The Ability to Authenticate Users

When consumers use their home computers, it’s easier for companies to track where they are in the sales process, from researching products to adding items to their cart to the final purchasing process. However, when individuals use mobile devices to access retailer websites, you lose many of these capabilities. Today, many retailers offer Wi-Fi in their stores to give users the chance to access various online features without using their data. When individuals log into these connections, you regain the ability to track where people go within your retail store, as well as what they are doing while they are there. This can help you better target your customers and give them the information and special offers they want.

Combine Your Digital and Physical Marketing Strategies

A content marketing strategy often includes the use of many channels to ensure the largest portion of the target audience can be reached. While many companies still use traditional marketing methods, such as radio and television ads, along with digital marketing tactics, such as blog posts and press releases, it’s important to realize that a large percentage of sales are closed through mobile use. For instance, today, many people are more likely to access a store’s catalog through the website and then visit the store in person. They may use their mobile device to help locate the exact item in the store, making it critical to seamlessly integrate it all. This type of mobile marketing and in-person shopping strategy can also lead to more impulse purchases.

Today's market requires mobile marketing.
Mobile marketing is a necessity in today’s market.

Real-Time Personalization

One value of mobile marketing is the ability to customize the experience to every user. Many companies now offer loyalty programs that reward their customers for making purchases. The mobile revolution has made it easier for companies to tailor these programs to the exact needs of individual customers. When a customer visits a physical location, for instance, the store Wi-Fi connection can detect the area in which the customer is shopping and connect it to their past purchases, allowing an app to deliver an on-the-spot special offer to entice the customer to buy. Promotions can also be used that require an in-store presence, bringing even more traffic into the store.

Mobile marketing has become an essential if you want to maximize your conversion rate. This is especially true if you also operate a physical location. Today’s businesses need to find more ways to seamlessly integrate all aspects of their content marketing strategy to ensure they can reach as much of their target audience as possible. The value of mobile marketing is still growing, which means it’s important to consider hiring experienced content marketers to help you handle this aspect of your business.

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