Engage your readers to improve your Facebook performance.

What You Should Do to Increase Your Facebook Followers and Improve Engagement

Engage your readers to improve your Facebook performance.
Improve your Facebook performance by engaging your readers.

Facebook and other social media site have become an invaluable resource for businesses that want to reach their target audience and increase engagement with their customers. If you want to improve your Facebook performance so you can increase engagement and value, you need to work with experienced social media content writers who know how to leverage social media to your advantage. You will improve your social media success and find the number of followers you have will grow naturally.

Create an Air of Mystery

While you can’t be entirely cryptic, you can quickly increase your Facebook engagement by creating headlines that have an air of mystery. When your followers read those headlines, they should be left asking a question they want to know the answer to. Sparking this curiosity in your readers will increase the chances they will actually click through to your blog post or website to continue reading. They are also more likely to ask a question or leave a comment about it on your social media post.

Ask Questions

Some of your followers may leave comments of their own volition, but you can inspire even more comments by asking your readers a question. Create engaging posts that provide valuable information and close with a relevant question that will get your social media followers talking. An experienced social media content writer can help you create posts and questions to go with them so you can establish a steady flow of engaging content that elicits responses from your readers. Be sure many of these questions require a longer answer than a simple yes or no for the best results.

Increase your followers with social media content writers.
Social media content writers can help you increase your followers.

Watch Your Timing

The timing of your social media posts can play a major role in whether you can improve your social media success. Posting in the late evening or the middle of the night isn’t likely to be as effective as posting around lunch time or in the middle of the afternoon when many people are checking their social media while on a break at work. However, the ideal timing can be affected by your industry and who you are targeting. Target audience research and a little trial and error can go a long way toward helping your social media content writers determine when are the best times to post your content.

Stimulate Nostalgia

Everyone loves to think back on the times in their lives that resonate positively. This type of nostalgia can be an easy way to increase your Facebook engagement and get people talking about your products or services. Sometimes you can use images and other methods of triggering feelings of nostalgia that don’t directly relate to your business but can be used to begin a conversation that’s entirely relevant.

Use Enticing Images

Photos have become a valuable resource for social media marketing, as well as other aspects of your content marketing. In fact, images have proven to be one of the most successful elements in social media engagement. When you post engaging photos that relate to your content, you will capture more attention and help get your target audience talking about your company.

Attract more followers to improve your social media success.
Improve your social media success by attracting more followers.

Keep at It

Consistency is an essential element in your social media marketing success. If you want to improve your Facebook performance, you need to keep working at it and steadily create new posts to share with your followers. While your social media content writers should be promoting your blog posts on your Facebook page and other social media accounts, they can also help you create engaging posts to use in between these promotional posts. Your social media pages should not be entirely promotional.

Don’t Forget the Call-to-Action

An effective call-to-action is an essential aspect of all parts of your content marketing strategy. Internet users expect businesses to tell them what to do next. For instance, if you create a post telling your followers about your latest product, instruct them to visit your website to learn more and link to the product page. If you ask an engaging question, finish the post by telling them to let you know what they think. Telling your readers what action to take will increase the chances they will actually follow through.

If you want to improve your social media success, contact us. Our experienced social media content writers can help you engage your audience and increase your number of followers.