Consider the extension when choosing the right domain name for your blog.

Choosing a Compelling Domain Name for Your Blog

Consider the extension when choosing the right domain name for your blog.
Choosing the right domain name for your blog starts with an extension.

Selecting a great domain name is just as important as finding a business name that reflects your goals and helps people remember you. While your domain name should relate to your business for a smooth transition, there are other things you should look for when choosing a domain name for your blog. The following tips from experienced content marketers will help you understand the psychology behind conversion rates, especially in terms of your domain name choice.

Keep It Simple

Website content writing services understand the concept of keeping your blog posts and other information simple and to the point. However, the same concept applies to your domain name. If you choose a long domain name that is complex or requires a long string of seemingly random characters, people will have a more difficult time remembering it, which can cause them to turn to another website instead. However, when you keep things simple and easy to remember, it will make your site convenient and fast to search for.

Select the Appropriate Extension

When the Internet began, there were only a select few extensions available. Today, however, there are far more options to choose from. While it seems like it may be a good idea to select one of the newer extensions to help your website stand out or to ensure you get the name you want. The .com extensions are still among the most popular and will likely be easier for your customers to remember. If you do want to use a different extension, you should still consider purchasing the .com domain as well to redirect it.

Talk to experienced content marketers about your domain name.
Experienced content marketers understand the importance of a good domain name.

Don’t Use Special Symbols

You may see some symbols in domain names, but in most situations, it’s best to avoid using them. Most people expect a domain name to be a full string of letters. In addition, the search engines often don’t recognize these special characters, which can create issues with your rankings. It can also make your domain look strange. On the Internet, image is everything and it all starts with the first encounter individuals have with your site, which is often your domain name.

Focus on Your Keywords

Did you know adding keywords to your domain name can help your website rank better? Experienced content marketers know the value of including keywords in your blog posts, but when you are able to implement one of them into the domain name for your blog, the search engines will pick up on it and potentially increase your rankings for that particular keyword.

Check for Adsense Bans

When a website is found to violate the terms of service for Adsense, the domain is banned on the site. This means anyone who uses this domain in the future will not be able to monetize their website through this platform. This can create serious issues if you select a domain for your blog that is already under such a ban. Checking whether a domain is banned before you purchase it will save you from finding out after it’s too late.

Manage your blog with the help of content writing services.
Content writing services can help you manage your blog.

Consider Your Brand

Perhaps one of the best ways to choose a good domain name for your blog is to simply use your brand name. If someone has already used it, you may think about making a few minor adjustments so you can still use a variation. However, remember this may make it more difficult for your customers to remember. Therefore, it’s best to only choose your brand name if it is available exactly how your name appears without making any alterations that can confuse your customers or land them on the wrong page.

Content writing services can help you add quality blog content to attract and maintain your audience, but before they begin, you need to buy a domain name for your blog. Experienced content marketers understand how important it is to choose a name that will be easy to remember and help your customers find you. As you search through available domain names that relate to your business, consider these tips to ensure you make the right choice.

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