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What Makes a Blog Post Shareable?

What makes a blog post shareable?
Do you know what makes a blog post shareable?

Your blog is only as effective as the number of people it is able to reach and inform. When you’re keeping your website relevant, it’s important to make sure you understand all of the essential elements to creating a successful blog post that is more likely to be shared. Content writers for websites understand what makes a blog post shareable and can help you create the content you need to make a great impression.

Write Great Content

Perhaps the most important element of shareable blog posts is creating great content individuals want to read. Professional blog writers agree there’s no true ideal length for a blog post, but studies have shown longer, in-depth blog posts often perform better than their shorter counterparts. However, it’s important to make sure length isn’t the primary focus. The perfect blog post is the ideal length to cover the topic at hand appropriately. Some topics can be covered in a shorter post, while others may require a lengthier version or even an entire series of posts. Splitting up longer posts with graphics, subheadings and bullet points can help make the content more palatable.

Choose the Right Title

Perhaps as important as the quality of the content itself is the title. Content writers for websites understand your title says a lot about what the post contains and can play a major role in whether people will click on the link and read through the article. However, it’s about more than creating an attractive title. What makes a blog post shareable is the length of the title, as well as the specific words you use. Some of the words that have been proven to get more social shares include:

  • Any Number
  • “Infographic”
  • “eBook”
  • “How”
  • “Template”
Create effective blogs with content writers for websites.
Content writers for websites create effective blogs.

Use Images Properly

Another driving factor that can get your content shared is the use of images. Today’s Internet users are largely visual and want something to look at, rather than having to read through long blocks of text. When you use relevant images with each of your blog posts, you will encourage your readers to share it with their family and friends. However, it’s not just your typical images you should consider. The best blog posts can include other visual elements as well, such as infographics and even video. Each of these elements can be used periodically throughout your blog to help encourage sharing and bring more visitors to your website.

Consider Your Topics

Many businesses tell their professional blog writers to write about anything that relates to their company. While this can be an effective method of reaching your target audience, it’s important to work with content services that research the best topics within your industry to address. Certain topics are more likely to generate shares than others, which is why it’s critical to know what your audience wants from you. The better you understand their needs, the more likely they will be to share your content with others, increasing your reach organically.

Create shareable content with the help of professional blog writers.
Professional blog writers create content that will be shared.

Be Social

If you want people to share your content, it’s important to make sure you present it in a shareable manner. This means putting social media into play. One of the first things you need to do is implement social sharing buttons on your website and blog to make it as easy as a simple click for your readers to share something they enjoyed reading. However, your work doesn’t stop there. You should also promote your newest blog posts through social media. When your followers see these messages, they are more likely to click the link and read. They may also choose to share it with the rest of their network.

Do you know what makes a blog post shareable? Many business owners don’t know and this could be costing you valuable traffic for your website. To help you bring in more readers and encourage social sharing, it’s important to work with professional blog writers who know how it works. These experienced content writers for websites can help you choose the right topics and present your content in a shareable manner, giving you the boost in traffic you need to be successful.

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