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Blog Writing: Over 25 Reasons It Makes Good Business Sense, part 1

Blogging is writing and writing can be intimidating. Even with self-correcting spelling and grammar, non-English majors sometimes find themselves at a loss for words. That’s when companies elect to work with a blog writing service to generate relevant topics and develop a series of articles to be rolled out weekly on the client’s website.

We know not everyone feels comfortable with a DIY approach to blogging. But even if you’re baffled about the difference between a personal pronoun and a dangling participle, you don’t want to shy away from using this most valuable, viable way of reaching and engaging present and future customers.

iwc - why blog - business bloggingMaking a case for why a business should be blogging is a really easy argument. As you’ll see, the benefits are undeniable. Some companies take to it so strongly they even forego their website and do all their business exclusively from their blogging platform. For most, using a blog in conjunction with a website and well coordinated, integrated social media strategy is the best approach.

Here’s a random running list of reasons you should have your very own business blog right now.

  1. iwc - why blog - 1Blogging opens up a world of ideas which can be incorporated into your articles. You’ll find yourself thinking “I can blog about that.”
  1. Like a virtual water cooler, the blog is a central gathering spot where interested parties meet to exchange ideas and compare notes.
  1.  Customers always appreciate free advice and studies show they will return to learn about new products, services, market trends, company initiatives and related topics.
  1. iwc - why blog - 4Search engines literally search for those juicy tidbits, news breaks and opinions found in blogs and give you a bump in ranking when they like what they find.
  1. Easy-to-use templates from platforms like WordPress and Hubspot do everything for you by setting things up. Simply start blogging without any graphic design or coding experience required.
  1. Over 50% of companies utilizing an online blog acquire more visitors who convert to customers, according to a 2016 HubSpot survey.
  1. A blog is the kernel, the hub, the home base from which the rest of your content marketing flows. It feeds Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, e-books, emails and more.

Reason #8: Social media sharing amplifies your blog like an echo in a canyon


  1.  Establishing a brand voice happens when you repeat, reiterate, remind, reaffirm and reinforce what you want people to know (but don’t be too obvious).
  1. Every social post has a link back to the website where visitors can read the blog and discover the scope of your business. Make sure analytics capture the inbound data.
  1. Social media buttons let readers share, thereby compounding the number of people who will read and further share your blog.  Going viral is always a goal.
  1. iwc - why blog - 12Sticking to a blog schedule helps you focus a unified content marketing strategy projected over the course of the year. By extension, this requires writing and scheduling related social media posts.
  1. Sharing expertise (what you already know and do well) earns you the fancy title of “thought leader” or “influencer” with lots of fans and followers
  1. The comments section reveals invaluable positive and negative feedback from customers, prospects and industry colleagues. Nurture this interaction by responding to all comments and resolving all conflicts.
  1. iwc - why blog - 15Blogging is fun. Thinking of ways to put your business in the news is energizing and rewarding when you’re the cub reporter. If you thought talking to customers on the sales floor was fun, wait till you try this.
  1. It makes you thinkabout timely topics, industry advances, customer criticism and the world in general. What are the problems you alone can help people solve?
  1. Generate free PR when you earn a reputation as an industry observer. Other bloggers will promote your link or you may get profiled by the business press.
  1. No blog on your website is like inviting friends over for dinner and not allowing talking at the table.

iwc - why blog - 19Reason # 19. Blogging builds confidence plus community and customer loyalty.

  1. Sharpen your understanding of who reads your blog and you will have a prime customer profile. That information will help generate leads and convert sales.
  1. Staying on top of news, trends, troubles and trade events indicates real leadership involvement. To be a successful blogger you have to be alert and on top of your game.
  1. Your company philosophy, milestones, uniqueness and mission statement are all of interest to those you do business with. This is the currency of trust in commerce.
  1. iwc - why blog - 23Time and teamwork allocated to blogging is money well spent. With every post you publish, you create a long-term asset that furthers brand awareness and focuses your expertise, products and services. The blogs can even be combined into lead-generating ebooks without extra cost.
  1. One of the best business blogging tips is to use Blog Analytics to capture audience characteristics.  It tracks readers, topic favorites, click-throughs, shares and comments. The data is utilized to segment and target niche markets and profit centers.  

iwc - why blog 25Reason #25: You get points from Google for having a blog. If it’s good, you get A+ placement.

The list goes on and on. Whether you want to pen your own blog or work with professional bloggers, the time to get started is now. There are enough interesting topics surrounding your enterprise to keep the reading public engaged for a long time. The existence of a blog on your website using the right keywords will increase search engine optimization. And blog content will be the basis for all your social media marketing. For help getting started please feel free to give us a call. 

Next week look for part 2 of A Whole Bunch of Reasons Your Company Should be Blog Writing, for, well, you know…a bunch of more reasons.