How to Write Social Media Posts That Drive Your Brand Forward

Engagement with your audience is the single most effective way to sell your brand and generate new traffic, build lead generation power, and retain current customers. However, in the digital age we live in, this engagement often takes place on social media platforms. This is something some business owners still struggle with and it is largely due to misinformation and erroneous ideas of what social media marketing communications need to look like.

Just as you want customers to reply to a commercial ad or a mailing, you need them to respond and interact with you on your social media posts. Engagement with your social posts will help you turn curious visitors into new customers and new customers into lifelong customers. A strong social media presence can build up your online reputation and help you get ahead of the competition. To help you on your way, we’ve come up with a few tips you can follow to better understand this powerful tool and to strengthen your brand and your business.

 3 Best Practices for Social Posts Writers

When you are promoting your business on social media it can be hard to know where to go and what to do and what not to do. By following these three simple but key best practices, you can stand above the competition and grow your brand quickly and effectively. Do these things and your social media marketing campaign will be more successful than ever before.

  1. Remember KISS
    When working on most social media sites that don’t have tight regulations for post length, remember KISS- Keep It Short and Simple. Shorter posts will do better than longer posts in almost all situations. People use social media for quick browsing and info gathering. Longer posts are great for a blog or for a web article; however, a Facebook or LinkedIn post should be short and to the point. Many people today become easily distracted by longer posts and will stop reading and go on to another social media platform or simply click over to another page. So, remember to KISS your social media marketing approach.
  2. Be Honest and Authentic
    Far too many businesses treat their Twitter account or Facebook page as a mini infomercial space and have lots of spammy and sales-y content on their pages. It is never a good idea to be overly promotional when you are writing your social media posts. Think of how annoying it is to listen to a “friend” go on and on about a new pyramid scheme they are involved in or a new product they are trying to sell. Nobody wants to listen to long spammy sales pitches and your visitors on social media don’t want to either. Instead, practice authenticity and honesty in your posts.
  3. Consider Evergreen Posts
    The vast majority of social media marketing posts created and shared every day are very brief. You only have a limited amount of time available to grab your reader’s attention, give them information, tell them what they need to do, and encourage them to follow up with you. It is fine to have posts announcing one-time sales and special but the majority of your posts need to be evergreen. If a post ever fails to deliver as you wanted, simply reshare it, tweak or reword it, or share it on a different day and at a different time. Evergreen repeatable content is the key.

Attributes of Successful Social Media Posts

The competition can be fierce when you are trying to grab the attention of your target audience. Truly successful social marketing doesn’t waste time fighting against the competition for lead generation and customer retention. Instead, your posts should focus on: 

  • Standing out from the competition 
  • Showing your audience what you have to offer 
  • Explaining what makes you unique and worth partnering with 

These tips will make sure your lead generation stays strong as you make the most of your social media marketing writing. 

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