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Should Your Web Design Include Separate Services Pages?

When you manage your business, the content writing you include on your website has a high value because it’s how you communicate with your audience. It’s how potential customers learn about the services or products you offer and how they can benefit. The format and layout of your services pages are just as important because they determine how easy it is for potential customers to find specific information. The layout of your pages will also determine how long visitors spend time on your website and if they return. When you create or improve your website content, it’s important to know if you should have separate service pages or consolidate the content writing.

Keep Web Design Simple

Most experts recommend creating separate service pages on your website because it can create a simple, straightforward layout that isn’t too overwhelming. The message you’re trying to relay can become clearer, and the pages can offer enhanced usability and navigation. It also offers easier access to the main services provided. The content doesn’t include any fluff or filler and gets to the point, which can allow you to be conscious of the viewer’s time. You don’t need to create long, lengthy paragraphs in most cases. Use short, concise sentences.

Services pages are effective because they clearly break down the different services provided by the company in a simple format to make your content marketing efforts more successful. Consider using contrasting colors to separate each category of services to make them stand out. The hovering effects shouldn’t be overwhelming and should include simple transitions that aren’t distracting or too dramatic.

Divide (or Consolidate) and Conquer?

There are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding if you should make use of services pages. Is there enough information to divide and separate? How much content is posted on the main page of the website? Is enough content included on the supporting pages?

There are a few advantages to consolidating your information onto one main page. The page rank and external link equity are both combined. It’s also easier to integrate SEO because you don’t have to target multiple terms and can focus on one main keyword. Studies have also found longer content can yield better results.

It’s also necessary to consider a few of the drawbacks of consolidating the information and content. Separate service pages may prevent you from targeting specific keywords. There’s also the risk of speed issues and page loading if too much content is present. In some cases, it can also be difficult to scroll to the bottom of the page if too many words or paragraphs are present.

Get Started with Separate Services Pages

Keep in mind most people who visit your website will be using a mobile device, which will affect how the layout and design of your website look. If you choose to condense your content, it requires those using smartphone devices to scroll through large blocks of content and skim over a lot of content you may deem valuable. 

Utilize Google Analytics to get an idea of how many people visiting your website are using a computer or smartphone. In some pages, consolidating the content to one page can encourage visitors to continue reading and engage more. If you organize the information and make it easy to read, your message will be more understandable.

Tips for Writing Effective Services Pages

If you feel you can benefit from separate services pages, there are still a few adjustments to make to ensure your site content effectively communicates your message. There are a few tips to follow to ensure it keeps your visitors informed.

  • Hovering styles are useful because they can link to elements on other pages, including buttons and titles. This feature makes the website more user-friendly and easier to navigate. 
  • Separate service pages will also target different types of customers, depending on what they need. It can be easier to show you offer more than just one type of service and accommodate those with varying needs.
  • Working with a website content company can make your content appear polished and original, ensuring you’re providing the reader with valuable information. Content writers can also help you cater to different personas and help you write a compelling call to action to prompt potential customers to reach out and use that particular service.
  • Using social proof is another way to promote your company and humbly endorse your services through third parties. Testimonials, reviews, your social following metrics, and the number of your current customers can attest to your credibility. Your services pages are a great place to include social proof and help potential customers have confidence in the quality of services.

Avoid Thin Website Content

Once you choose which type of layout works best for your website, you need to improve your site content. Duplicate or thin content can lead to error messages, affecting the professionalism and reliability of your company. Avoid pages with low-quality shallow information, which doesn’t keep the visitor informed or provide them with much value.

A content writing service is a great resource to improve the quality of your content and increase the amount of organic traffic you attract to your website. The SEO content services can include the necessary keywords you need and deliver more professional content, which will boost your rank on search engines. This will then make your company easier to find online.

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