Why Video Is Vital for Your Site

Videos are important to your web content marketing.
Your web content marketing needs video to be more successful.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been important in making websites more visible to their intended audience through the search engines. This remains an important part of web content marketing, even though the way it has been used has changed and will continue to change. When websites are looking to better position themselves in the search engines, they need to find a content writer from writing services that can help them rank better. Today, instead of focusing solely on marketing written content, video content has become an important element to implement into your site.

Individuals who find you are more likely to watch a video than they are to read articles and longer content on your site, especially the first time. This is why it can be useful for you to give your customers what they are looking for. When you learn how to combine video with your SEO, you can improve your rankings and bring in customers that are likely to become repeat visitors. Video can help you rank even higher.

Advantages of Video

Implementing video into your website offers you a long list of benefits that will keep visitors on your site longer and bring them back in the future as well. Google now puts greater emphasis on websites that have videos, ranking them better than their competitors that do not use video. The most important thing to remember is that the videos must be relevant to the rest of the content your content writer has created. Because your pages that contain videos will gain priority with the search engines, you increase your chances of having multiple pages ranked at the same time, which can offer you the benefit of even more traffic. When visitors search for specific terms and see the same website several times on the front page, they are more likely to visit it than any other sites on the same page.

Update Your Video

It isn’t enough to simply upload a video or two to your website and wait for your rankings to rise. The video will certainly attract the attention of the search engines, but it won’t last long if you leave the same video on your site. When you are working with writing services, they can assign a content writer to your site to help you create new videos to keep posting on your website. Keeping your videos updated as your products or other offerings change will help your SEO rankings maintain their positions or improve instead of sliding back.

The Importance of Relevant Videos

As part of your web content marketing, relevant videos can give your business the boost it needs. It can be a lot of work to implement videos into your web content, but once it is indexed with the search engines, you will reap all the benefits. In fact, when visitors find a website that includes relevant videos, they are 25 percent more likely to view other parts of your website, increasing your chances of converting into a sale. These same companies typically see an increase in revenue with more click-through rates and sales.

How to Use Video for Your Site

You likely already have a sitemap for your website, which makes it easier for the search engine spiders to index your webpages. If you will be using video on your site to enhance your SEO and increase your rankings, you need to either implement them directly into your sitemap or create a sitemap dedicated to your videos. When you place these videos into a sitemap, you need to create detailed descriptions of the videos that include the keywords you are targeting to help the search engines properly index them. A content writer from writing services can help you write these descriptions effectively. These keywords should also be included in the URL to help you boost your rankings more quickly.

The latest trend in SEO is adding video to your website. These videos are a great way to attract and keep your audience on your site, but they can also be effective at increasing your site rankings. Google now places even greater emphasis on sites that use video. Therefore, you need to make sure you implement them into your web content marketing plan to increase your odds of success.

If you are interested in adding videos to your site to increase your SEO rankings, contact us to find out how we can help.