Easy Solutions for Clear, Credible Content

Successful content marketing requires great content.
Writing clear, credible content is the best way to attract an audience.

The most important thing you can do is provide your readers with clear, credible web content writing. Building that level of trust with your customers can help you grow your business more quickly and maintain the customers you already have. If your content writers aren’t providing you with the credible content you require, it may be time to take another look at these easy content marketing solutions.

Don’t Use Fluff

Individuals come to your site because they are looking for specific information. While some content writers focus on hitting a specific length in their web content writing, it is not always necessary. Readers don’t want to read through something that doesn’t have substance. Therefore, it is important to avoid the fluff writing. If the sentence doesn’t add something valuable and new, leave it out.

Use Strong Verbs

Weak verbs, such as the forms of “to be,” are grammatically correct but not the best use of verbs for your web content writing. Even if you don’t automatically edit these out of your work as you write, always edit your posts upon completion to remove these instances of weak verbiage. The use of strong verbs gives your content more clarity and shows your readers your knowledge of the subject matter.

Reconsider Your Adjectives

Adjectives ideally add substance to your post because they tell your readers greater detail about the nouns they describe. However, some of these adjectives can be weak and won’t give your readers the impact you are looking for. The use of the words “really” and “very” do not make the adjective they precede stronger. Instead, consider changing the adjective to something stronger on its own. For instance, instead of saying something is “really good,” consider using the word “great” instead.

Always Give Actionable Advice

Much of the web content writing you post will give your readers actionable advice that relates to your business. This can be one of the most difficult elements for some content writers to grasp. Look at your sentences and determine whether the noun that completes the verb comes first. For instance, instead of saying “The song was sung by the choir,” choose “The choir sang the song.” This method clearly demonstrates what you expect your readers to do or know.

Consider Punctuation Rules

Punctuation rules can often be confusing, even for the most experienced content writers. However, not using specific punctuation in certain places can lead to misunderstandings in your web content writing. Commas are one of the biggest problems. Reread your content before you post it to see if it reads correctly. If you want your readers to pause in certain areas, consider adding a comma, even if typical punctuation rules don’t require it. This can give your content more clarity.

Add Modifiers

Modifiers help your readers identify exactly what you are talking about. It isn’t incorrect to place the modifiers in other parts of the sentence, but it is often clearer to place them directly in front of the noun they are designed to modify. For instance, you could find your content writers say “Follow our tips for editing your content.” This sentence is, for all intents and purposes, correct. However, you can clarify things for your reader by stating, “Follow our editing tips.” to give your readers the same information in a new, unmistakable way.

Always Proofread More than Once

Your web content writing is a direct reflection on you and your business. Content marketing requires you to put your best foot forward to attract more customers. For this reason, you should always proofread your content more than once before you post it. Having more than one person take a look is always a good idea. If you are working with content writers, make sure the company you use puts your content through an extensive editing process. However, it never hurts to go through the content on your own as well.

Readers online want clear, credible content they feel they can trust. If you can offer that type of content, they are more likely to turn to you when they need your products or services. As you work on your content marketing with quality content writers, make sure you use each of these tips to create premium content and put your best foot forward. When your web content writing gives your readers what they want, you will increase the number of conversions.

If you are looking for content writers who can provide you with clear, credible content, contact us. Our content marketing team can help you put together content that will appeal to your readers.