How to Make Your How-to Content Easier to Understand

Your website content writer can clarify what you intend to say.

The Internet is an endless resource of information, which is why more consumers turn to this platform to answer their questions. Many companies tap into this market to show their readers how to use products or how to perform specific tasks related to their industry. Quality content writing is necessary when you choose this method of sharing information with your readers. Clear website content writing ensures your visitors learn what they should do.

Keep It Short and Concise

It is easy to ramble on, especially when you know the material so well and want to make sure readers get the full perspective; however, when it comes to quality web content, less is more. Keeping your how-to content short and to the point will keep readers interested and ensure they learn what you are trying to teach. If there is too much information, consider creating a two-part blog post to make the parts more palatable.

A Visual Approach

While some users learn through reading your website content writing, other readers are visual learners. These individuals need videos and images created to help them grasp the concepts you teach through your content. With the right images and videos, you can get the message across without writing a single word. Adding the two elements together becomes even more powerful.

Avoid Technical Terms

Many industries use specific technical terms difficult for the average user to understand. Whether you complete your content writing on your own or hire a content writer to help, quality web content should be easy for everyone to understand, regardless of their familiarity with your industry. If you need to use technical terms, make sure you explain them thoroughly so readers aren’t confused by your instructions.

Screenshots Are Useful

Today, it is easy to capture screenshots of everything you do. When you show Internet users how to use software or other online applications, these screenshots can be a valuable tool in quality content writing. Including these images in your content will walk readers through the process, step by step, helping them see what they should encounter throughout the task.

Provide Exact Labels

Instructional content is designed to guide readers through a specific process so they can perform it for themselves. In some situations, this may mean clicking on specific buttons in a software program or Internet site. When you create quality web content to instruct your visitors how to use your software or a specific aspect of your website, include the exact text found on buttons they should click and highlight them with bold text so it is clear to your readers.

Use Bullet Points

Bullet points have become a necessity in the world of website content writing. They can be found in website content, blog posts and even press releases. Using them in your how-to content makes it easier for your visitors to read the information. These bullets can be used to create a list, provide steps or offer a table of contents for more information.

Sub-Headings Break up Content

Quality web content uses sub-headings to break up the content and allows readers to scan the material to determine if they want to continue reading. This can be a useful way of breaking up your instructions so someone with a basic knowledge can avoid reading the detailed material. Consider making each step a subheading, following it with more detailed instructions to help readers through the process. Numbering the steps can also help clarify your how-to instructions.

Highlight Important Information

In addition to using bullet points, sub-headings and bold text for button text, it can be helpful to highlight additional important information with bold or highlighted text. Consider what you want your readers to take away from the piece and what steps shouldn’t be missed. Clear web content writing leaves visitors feeling like they can successfully accomplish the task.

Many companies publish how-to content to explain how to use their products or how to complete tasks within their industry to those who may not be familiar with them. However, not all website content writing offers clear instructions. If you want to showcase your business as a leader in the industry, it is important to provide quality web content that explains the information in an easy-to-understand way. You want your readers to leave your website feeling like they have learned something from you.

If you are looking for a website content writing company to help you create valuable how-to content, contact us. Our experienced content writers understand the importance of effectively reaching your users.