How to Grab Your Blog Audience’s Attention from the Get-Go

Your introduction should attract your audience.
If your introduction doesn’t grab your audience’s attention, it isn’t an effective part of your content marketing.

How many times have you stopped reading an article after the introduction? The introduction is one of the most important aspects of an SEO article. If you don’t tell your readers what the article includes and attract their attention, you are going to lose them. Therefore, it is important for your custom writing service to provide you with a compelling introductory paragraph that encourages your readers to read on.

An Easy Read

Because your readers will start with the introduction of your copywriting and make the decision to read the rest of the post based on what they see, it has to grab their attention. To ensure that individuals keep reading, you need to provide an introduction that is easy to read and free of grammar and spelling errors. If the introduction doesn’t flow well, readers will assume that the rest of the article will be just as difficult to navigate, making it less likely they will continue to read.

Use a Statistic

Statistics back up what you are trying to say in your SEO article. It also gives credibility to your website as long as you choose a reliable source. A custom writing service will choose a statistic that relates directly to the content and draws your readers into the article. Always source the statistic to give it the credibility you require.

Ask a Question

Most individuals will find your content because they are looking for answers to their questions. It is your job to answer those questions. Questions have a tendency to make readers curious about what your copywriting may say. Therefore, using a question in the introduction of your article will entice your viewers to continue reading.

Quote Someone

Another great way to use a credible source in your copywriting is to add a quote to the introduction of your SEO article. A quote can give your article a personal touch and sets the tone for the rest of your post. This can help your readers feel a connection to your post and encourage them to continue reading.

Try Something Controversial

Some businesses do everything they can to avoid controversy. However, a controversial opening to your SEO copywriting can actually be a good thing. While you don’t want to drive your customers away, you can start your post off with a controversial idea that ignites a passion in your readers and gets them thinking about the topic. You can then use the rest of your SEO article to back up your stand on the topic. This isn’t something you should implement in all your posts, but it can be a great way to draw attention.

Be Funny

A humorous approach can also be a great way to attract your readers’ attention. Adding a little humor, such as a joke or even a funny quote can make your audience laugh and draw them into reading the rest of your post. A little humor can also break the ice and help your readers connect to you on a more personal level.

Tell a Story

Everyone loves stories. If you have a story that relates directly to the topic of your copywriting, your custom writing service can implement it into the introduction. Telling a story as part of your introduction will touch your readers on a personal level and show them that you can relate to them. However, if you don’t have a personal story that relates to the topic, don’t be afraid to make one up. The point is to attract attention.

Without a solid introduction that is well-written and designed to attract attention, readers aren’t likely to continue reading your post. Most readers will start with the introduction and decide whether they will continue reading once they are done. For this reason, it is critical for your custom writing service to use one or more of these tactics in their copywriting. An SEO article with an attractive, well-written introduction will create a blog post that is worth reading and will continue to drive traffic to your website.

If you are looking for a custom writing service that knows how to write introductions the right way, contact us. We can help you attract more visitors to your site.