Research Shows Video Content Has Staying Power for your Content Marketing

Video marketing is an important part of content marketing.
Video is becoming a necessary aspect of your content marketing.

Many websites spend so much time concentrating on their SEO copywriting that they forget that other features are just as important for attracting an audience. For instance, according to a survey of more than 600 content marketers that was conducted by Axxon, more than 78 percent of the companies surveyed plan to increase their video content in the future. This means you need to seriously consider adding video to your site to remain competitive.

A More Positive View

In this survey, it was also discovered that consumers were more likely to have a positive view of a website if it included video. In fact, seven out of 10 individuals were happier with websites that offered video content, making it critical to find writing services that are familiar with this type of content marketing. Without the use of video, it can be more difficult to attract the attention of individuals and keep them coming back to your website.

Video Sharing

Social sharing has run rampant throughout the Internet. However, it isn’t just your SEO copywriting that individuals are sharing. More than 75 percent of Internet users share video content with their family and friends through social sharing sites. If you place video content on your blog or website, this increases the reach of your content. The more people who share it, the greater exposure it will have, increasing the chances of building a successful website.

Increase Buying Power

Consumers love to see what they are buying before they decide to purchase. In the past, you could use images and hire a web content writer to write a compelling description of your products with the hope of enticing buyers. While this can be an effective way to make sales, videos can increase buying power, showing users what they are getting without having to see it in person. As much as 85 percent of customers are more likely to make a purchase after they view informative video content.

The Right Type of Video Content

While several types of video content will create the successful content marketing plan you are trying to build, informational and entertaining content are the most likely to be shared. This means your writing services need to focus on creating video content that will give your viewers important information they want to know or something clever that will encourage them to share it. More than 66 percent of the video content individuals share is funny or informational in nature.

Get Started Early

Not all businesses have started using video as part of their content marketing plan. However, about 67 percent of businesses that use the Internet are already using video content in some form. This means it is more important than ever to get started using video for yourself. This will help you stay ahead of your competition, especially those that are not currently taking advantage of the latest in video marketing trends. If you aren’t sure where to put your video content, YouTube is likely to be the right choice. Nearly 85 percent of businesses that post video content post it there.

A Great Complement to Other Content

Video content marketing is not designed to replace other types of marketing you are already using. You will still need to use writing services to help you create written content for your website, blog and other marketing avenues. However, you can use videos to complement your other content writing. Create a video and post it to YouTube. Link to it from your website or create a link back to your website from the video. Allowing your video content and written content to work together gives you the most power from your content marketing.

Video content marketing is one of the fastest growing trends in the online world. These videos are more attractive to those who use the Internet because of the reduced attention span of users and their desire to obtain information quickly. As you look for a good SEO copywriting service to create your written content, you should also consider looking for one that can also provide you with the video you need to be successful. Because only two percent of companies state they will be scaling back on video marketing in the future, it is time to look forward to everything video can offer for your business.

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