How to Reach Out and Be More Compelling on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great marketing tool.
Marketing with LinkedIn is essential to your success.

Many businesses focus more on consumer social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. However, it is important not to put forth all your efforts in these areas. LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways you can market to your audience. Marketing with LinkedIn is similar to other types of social media in some aspects; however, it is also quite different. To ensure the greatest level of success, learning how to reach out and be more compelling with your LinkedIn marketing can boost your efforts.

Personalize Your Requests

When you reach out to new people to connect on LinkedIn, it is easy to just hit the button to send the request without putting forth any additional effort. These are the types of requests that typically go ignored. To increase the chances that the other person will accept your request, send a personalized message. Remind the individual how you met and what your connection is. This will help the other person remember who you are and why you want to connect.

Be Upfront

If you are adding an individual because you are looking for press coverage or you want the person to introduce you to someone else, make sure you mention that in your request. It is important to be upfront to avoid misleading the other individual. Likewise, don’t ask for a recommendation on a whim. Even though your connections are likely to give you an endorsement if you ask for one, make sure you give plenty of time. A good letter requires thought and time to ensure it is done properly.

Give Praise Where Warranted

Just as you would expect others to give you praise or endorse your skills, be generous in your praise of others. If you are connected to someone with whom you have worked in the past, give them support based on your experience with the individual. In addition, find ways to express the great job one of your connections did for you. Everyone appreciates the praise and is more likely to return the favor to give you the LinkedIn marketing boost you are looking for.

Choose Your Skills

When you set up your LinkedIn profile, it will ask you about the skills you have to offer. Part of marketing with LinkedIn is letting others know what type of skills you have to offer. Adding these skills to your profile encourages others to endorse those skills to show others that you are experienced in these areas and can provide them the quality of service they need. Even though your connections can add new skills to your list, they are more likely to endorse the ones you already have than they are to add new ones.

Complete Your Profile

Filling out your profile completely is necessary to attract attention. If someone visits your LinkedIn profile and sees blank sections, they may think you either don’t have time to interact through the site or you aren’t worth their attention. In either case, they are less likely to connect with you. To make the most of your LinkedIn marketing, make sure you fill everything out. In addition to filling in all the gaps, avoid mentioning anything that doesn’t contribute to your branding. Sometimes there are certain pieces of information that are not necessary.

Look for Expert Help

Professionals across the country who are experienced in marketing with LinkedIn hold seminars to show others how they have used this site to succeed. If you are having trouble creating your profile, making connections or using the site for effective marketing, these individuals may be able to help. Search for a local conference you can attend in person so you can ask questions. If you can’t find one local to you, consider signing up for a webinar instead. In either case, you can get the right guidance to build a successful LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn marketing can be a valuable asset if you use it properly to promote yourself and your business. Marketing with LinkedIn is a bit different from other social media sites that target your customers, rather than business connections. However, once you determine the right ways to effectively use this social media site to connect and promote your business, you can build on the success you already have.

If you are looking for help with your LinkedIn marketing, contact us. We can help you connect with the right people and make an impact through this social media site.