Hiring an Inbound Marketing Company? Red Flags to Look For

Learn how to find the right website content writers.
Finding the right website content writers requires attention to detail.

Enlisting the help of a digital marketing company can be a big step if you want to maintain control over all aspects of your business. Once you’ve made the decision, however, website content writers from content writing services should have the experience necessary to help you achieve online success. Before you hire any professional copywriting service, the following red flags mean you need to look elsewhere for help with your inbound marketing campaign.

No Reporting or Analytics

One of the most important elements of your inbound marketing campaign is monitoring its success so you can make appropriate changes to your strategy. Even an expert copywriter won’t often get your marketing strategy right the first time. Most campaigns will require at least a few adjustments to drive more traffic and generate more sales. For this reason, it is best to avoid hiring a content writing service that doesn’t offer reporting services or use analytics in developing your strategy.

No Transparency

Search engine optimization is no secret. Just about anyone can learn SEO techniques if they make the effort; however, some content writing services won’t reveal their SEO strategies to anyone, including their clients. If the website content writers you are considering for your project aren’t open about the strategies and tools they will use to help you, it’s best to look for someone else to do the job. Keep the lines of communication open so you always know what is happening with your campaign and how well it is performing.

Lack of Explanations

Just like any other industry, inbound marketing is filled with jargon the average person may not understand. An expert copywriter may know what they mean, but it’s important you also understand every step of the inbound marketing process. Don’t trust a professional copywriting service that hides behind the technical language and isn’t willing to provide an easy-to-understand explanation of their services and processes.

Poor Management

Hiring content writers is more than working with writers. You also need to determine how content writing services manage your project. Ask them about the tools they use to ensure you are getting a solid inbound marketing plan designed to drive traffic and increase sales. A company that doesn’t use project management software or lacks a good method of communicating with managers and content writers won’t be able to provide the level of service you need for an effective marketing strategy. In addition to the writer, you should also be assigned a project manager with whom you can voice your concerns and discuss your content strategy.

Promises of Quick Results

A professional copywriting service understands a successful inbound marketing strategy takes time. You can’t post several blog posts and make posts on your social media sites for several weeks and expect to find your website ranking higher in the search engine results. Any website content writers who claim they can give your website the boost it needs in just a couple of days or weeks isn’t going to be able to fulfill that promise. Before hiring content writers, talk to them about a timeline to gauge how realistic their promises sound.

No Blog

The first thing you should do before selecting from various content writing services is to check out their website. After all, if they can’t handle their own site and inbound marketing strategy, how can you expect them to do well with yours? One important part of this process is the blog. A professional copywriting service that doesn’t have their own blog will have difficulty creating the quality blog content you require to drive more traffic and generate more sales. You should be able to use their website and blog to determine what they can do for you.

Working with a professional copywriting service often takes a leap of faith. You are putting the success of your inbound marketing in someone else’s hands; however, when you work with an expert copywriter from the right website content service, you can improve your traffic and generate more sales. Learning how to identify these red flags could save you from working with an unreliable company.

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