Blog Content Providers Can Help Persuade Your Blog Audience with 5 Important Words

Use these important words in the content for your blog.
Does the content for your blog include these important words?

When it comes to creating content for your blog, it may seem the important words are those that tell the readers what they want to know. While this is true, there are five words in particular your content writing service should be using to persuade your audience to turn to you to fulfill their needs. The best content writing is designed to subtly sell your business to your prospective customers by showing them you have the answers and can provide them the solutions they need.

1. You

The most important word you should be using is “you.” Blog content providers that use third person as their preferred method of addressing their audience are less likely to make that important emotional connection with their readers. When your content writing service utilizes “you” in your content, they make the audience feel like you are talking directly to them and want to give them the answers they seek. If possible, it is even better to address your readers by name. Unfortunately, this typically only works well with newsletters or other email correspondence.

2. Free

Everybody loves to get something for free. Studies have been done that compare two items with a lower-quality product at a low price versus a better product at a slightly higher price. A larger percentage of individuals would spend a little more to get better quality; however, when the same two products were offered with the lower-quality option advertised for free, a majority of people would choose the free item, regardless of the quality. When your best content writing includes this word, you are more likely to attract a much larger audience.

3. Because

The word “because” may seem like an insignificant word in the grand scheme of things, but in the end, the use of this word can have a powerful impact on your readers. Adding this word to the content for your blog will give your readers reasons for what you are telling them. When blog content providers create posts for a business, they are asking readers to turn to that particular company to fulfill their needs. Doing so without stating a reason will not have the same results as letting them know why they should do what you are asking of them. It doesn’t have to be a strong reason to work effectively.

4. Instantly

People like to get what they want, when they want it. One of the best ways to show your readers that you hear them is to tell them they can receive something “instantly.” When you use a word like this, you trigger something in your readers’ brains that gets them excited about what you have to say. This increases the chances they will remember you when they need what you can offer. A good content writing service can provide an ebook or any number of content types that you can offer as instant solutions to your audience’s problems.

5. New

“New and Improved” is one of the most popular marketing taglines you will find on products dating back many years. This is because people like to try something that is new or has been improved upon. New products are a novelty many consumers can’t pass up. When you let your readers know you are offering new products or can give them new information, you will pique their interest and lead them to read your content for your blog and your website. You can also use this tag when you improve upon your current products and services.

Effectively reaching your target audience means you need to work with a content writing service that uses the right words to attract their attention and entice them to turn to you. While all of the words contained in the best content writing is important, these five words can often enhance the impact you have on your customers.

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