How to Choose Compelling Words to Lure Your Readers to Your Website

Learn the most powerful words for content marketing.
Using the right words can have a powerful impact on your content marketing success.

If your primary focus is on sales, your web content writing needs to use specific words that attract the attention of your readers and lead them to consider making a purchase from your company. However, it is also important to find ways to attract potential customers without overwhelming them with an abundance of sales language. The use of just a few compelling words allows your web content writers to create powerful content that maximizes your number of conversions and sales. Even though these words seem simple, they can pack a powerful punch.


“You” has proven time and again to be one of the most powerful words in the English language. This word shows your readers that you are talking specifically to them. Consumers love when companies pay special attention to them and thus enjoy seeing web content that seems to speak directly to their needs. The use of the word “you” can’t be the only focus. Your web content writing services should build a story that addresses your audience’s needs and implements the use of “you” with other words that show your viewers that you are a company that can provide them with solutions.


Everyone loves to get something for free, regardless of what it might be. While the word “free” may seem as if it refers to the cost of something, it is much more than that. In fact, it can trigger an emotional response in your readers unlike any other word your web content writing services could use. Giving consumers the chance to try your products or services for free provides you with the opportunity to attract them to your company. While you may also entice individuals who are in search of a great deal, you will also build your customer base through your efforts.


Another thing consumers love is trying something new. Whether it is new technology or a new product, when your web content writers use the word “new,” it triggers a reaction in your readers, giving them the impression that the “new” items is better than older options. They naturally want to find out more about the product and learn what it can do for them. However, it is important to use this word with caution. New products tend to become a fad that may pass with time, though it often results in a short-term boost in your sales. If your product or service stands up to its reputation, it will continue to sell well, even when you remove the word “new.”


When you feel confident in the performance of your products or services, you should be able to offer your readers a guarantee. While some individuals associate the use of a guarantee as an underhanded sales tactic, if you truly stand behind your products, adding the word “guaranteed” to your web content writing can give your readers greater confidence in your business. Make sure you don’t overstate your guarantees in an effort to avoid sounding like a pushy salesperson no one wants to speak to. It is also important to create a clear return policy and placing it prominently. This feature will provide your customers greater peace of mind.


Making excuses can certainly turn customers away from your website, but the word “because” is one your web content writers should include in their content writing. If you conducted an experiment where you asked for a favor, you might find that a percentage of individuals would be unwilling to do that favor. However, if you attach a reason to that favor using the word “because,” even a vague or poor reason, you will increase the percentage of individuals who are willing to do what you ask. This simple word can increase your power of persuasion.


Today’s world is all about instant gratification. Consumers are less willing to wait with instant online communication and fast shipping. When your web content writing services use the word “instantly” in your web content copy, it will portray a sense of urgency in serving your customers. They will appreciate the ability to download your latest eBook right away or respond to content written on your website and get a fast response when they need it. You can also mix up your vocabulary by adding words like “now,” “immediately” and “fast” to ensure your readers get the point.

Your web content writing services should provide you with compelling web content copy that uses the power of persuasion. In order to persuade your potential customers to turn to you to fulfill their needs, these words should be prominently displayed by your web content writers. These terms will bring more prospective customers to your site and increase your chances of making the sale.

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