Attract a mobile audience with small business SEO.

The Influence of Local SEO on Small Business

Small businesses can get more traffic with local SEO.
Local SEO can drive more traffic to small businesses.

Small businesses often struggle to reach a broad target audience because of the amount of competition on that level, which is why local SEO can be a valuable asset. When your small business SEO reaches out to local customers, it increases your chances of attracting people who are likely to need your products or services. SEO content writers are experienced in marketing strategies for small business, allowing you to effectively reach your target audience.

Mobile Is Changing the SEO Game

With the increasing use of mobile devices, people are checking online while they are on the go. For instance, if they are out running errand and feel hungry, they may search for nearby restaurants. These are the types of search results you want. Small business SEO does much better when focusing on a nearby audience that is likely to be looking for a business like yours at the spur of the moment. Because the search engines recognize this need, using geographic information with your keywords will increase the likelihood your business will be found often.

Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords are the lifeblood of your SEO strategy. If you don’t choose the right ones, you won’t reach the proper target audience. SEO content writers can help you research which relevant keywords will work best for your business and then implement them into your content. However, you shouldn’t stop with your basic keywords. Instead, you should focus on adding geographic information, such as local cities or your state. This will help those who enter this information into the search engine to find you.

Attract a mobile audience with small business SEO.
Small business SEO attracts a mobile audience.

Encounter Less Competition

If you search for other businesses like yours using the keywords you are focusing on, you will find a lot of companies will appear in the search results. Many of them will be located far from yours. So how are people supposed to find you, especially if they live locally to you? Internet users who want to find local businesses will often use the city name or state to help them find companies nearby, rather than a company across the country. When you focus on adding geographic information to your site content and blog posts, you will decrease the amount of competition your encounter and improve the number of people who will find your website.

Videos Can Be a Useful Tool

You can make a great impression on local visitors by implementing videos into your website. Today’s Internet users are more likely to watch a video than they are to read through written content, especially if they are on the go. In addition, videos are often easier to rank with than your site content and blog posts, making them a more valuable asset. Make sure you optimize the content for your local keywords so you can bring even more traffic to your site, generating more customers.

Target a local audience with your SEO strategy.
Your SEO strategy should target a local audience.

Don’t Forget Local Directories

One of the most important local SEO marketing strategies for small business is the use of local directories. In addition to creating quality content that will attract more visitors, local directories can be a powerful tool. Registering your business with websites like YellowPages and Yelp can provide an easy way for people to find you online. Be sure all of the contact information you enter matches what is found on your website exactly. This will give you an SEO boost that helps bring more traffic to your site and to your physical location.

Social Media and Reviews Are Also Important

Social media is important to your online success, especially if you are trying to implement local SEO. Your SEO strategy should include reaching out to your customers and prospects through social media pages that are connected to your locality. This will help tie in your social media to the rest of your content marketing plan. Posting reviews on your website and encouraging your customers to post reviews to other sites will provide a valuable search engine boost for your local prospects.

Small business SEO is an important element to ensure you can compete with larger businesses. However, many people want to support local businesses in any way they can. This means targeting local SEO can be an invaluable resource for your business. SEO content writers can help you understand the value in targeting a location-specific audience. Once you make these changes to your website, you will find you generate a larger flow of traffic, primarily among local prospects.

If you’re looking for SEO content writers to help with local SEO tactics, contact us. We can help you use geographic information to your advantage.