Earn more clicks with the help of content writing services.

How to Evaluate Impressions, Clicks and Conversions: The Online Marketing Tool of the Week

Earn more clicks with the help of content writing services.
Content writing services can help you earn more clicks.

Analytics can be a valuable tool to help you grow your business, but do you really know how to use them effectively? The information provided is often stated in terms many business owners don’t fully understand. Content writing services can help you learn about website conversion rates, the definition of an impression and much more so you can make the most out of your analytics and make the necessary changes to improve your website conversions.


You may have seen the term impressions regarding your website before and weren’t sure exactly what that meant. In short, impressions refer to the number of times a particular page on your website has been viewed. However, the number of impressions doesn’t tell you much on its own. It simply lets you know how many times the webpage or ad has been loaded and had the potential to be viewed. Sometimes individuals will land on the page or ad but won’t actually read it and certainly won’t take action on it. Therefore, while it’s important to know how many views you get, it’s more important to know what happens afterward.

Your success rate is determined by conversion rates.
Website conversion rates will help you determine your success rate.


When it comes to online advertising, you need to know how many people are clicking through the ad and visiting your website or potentially becoming your customers. The reason clicks are more valuable than impressions is because individuals are less likely to click on a link they aren’t interested in. Therefore, it is safe to presume anyone who clicks one of your ads has a chance of becoming your customer, while someone who views it and moves on represents only a slim chance. This information is often seen as a ratio between the number of clicks to the impressions, giving you an accurate click-through rate. A low number indicates your tactics aren’t working and you may need to re-evaluate your ads to make them more effective at bringing in prospective clients.


The third important component in analyzing the success of your website or marketing campaign is the conversion rate. Website conversion rates refer to the percentage of site visitors who complete the goal of the advertisement. These website conversions can involve a number of actions. For instance, it may be making a purchase from your website store or it may be filling out a form or downloading an eBook or other document.

Drive your sales with website conversions.
Website conversions drive your sales.

Which Metrics Are Most Important?

It’s critical for every business to understand how to read the metrics and which ones they should use to make changes to their advertising campaign or website. Content writing services can help businesses track their analytics and learn which factors play the biggest roles and what each one can tell you. Because impressions don’t tell a business how well their ads are really doing, this number has little bearing on the overall success of a website. However, this doesn’t mean impressions are unimportant. A large number of impressions means you are reaching a much larger audience.

Clicks and conversions play a much more significant role in the success of your website and deserve more of your attention. Clicks will bring more people to your site, which enhances the likelihood visitors will convert into sales for your website. Finally, understanding website conversions and how many people you are converting into new customers for your website will help you determine which changes you need to make and what is working for your website.

As our online marketing tool of the week, it’s critical to understand how to define impressions, clicks and website conversions. This information can be a valuable tool that helps you work with your content writing services to improve your website and attract more people to your website. With the help of this information, you will be able to work closely with your writers to create an effective strategy that increases clicks and improves your website conversion rates.

If you’re looking for content writing services to help you with your advertising campaign, contact us. Our experienced team of professionals can help you increase your impressions, click-through rate and conversions.