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Social Media Marketing: Networks Voted Most Like-able

It’s impossible to walk down the street or sit in a coffee shop and see people doing anything but looking at their phones. They’re not all checking email, either. In offices, too, employees watch YouTube, check their Facebook feed or peek at a Pinterest board.

We live in social times. We may not notice the person next to us, but online we’re all connected. And the best thing is–it’s free!


iwc-ebook-social-media-facebook-thumbs-upWith over one billion daily users, this is the mother of all social networking sites. Account holders can post comments, share links to news, blogs and events, play games, upload photos and save to albums, stream video, even chat live. You maintain a “friends” list, control privacy settings and even create group pages.

A business Facebook page is essential to your social media content strategy, allowing you to post teaser content to your blog and other content.  If you need help getting started, help is available.  


iwc-ebook-social-media-instagram-1Initially deemed the “fast, beautiful, fun way to share photos with friends and family,” Instagram has become the saint of subtle advertising. A home furnishings store posts images of a family picnic, a sunny outing, a holiday scene followed by a romantic reminder of their products.

When Facebook purchased Instagram, they added the ability to record and view short videos. As with other platforms, you can like, comment and follow people and they can follow your company. Once they follow you, they will receive a daily feed populated with photos, videos and any comments from those you choose to follow.

Google +

iwc-ebook-social-media-google-gGoogle’s own social networking site is known primarily for the way you can personalize communities and control sharing with just a small group. “Location checks” appeal to parents keeping tabs on their kids. The Collections feature groups posts visually by topic (similar to Pinterest) with cover sheets like  “England,” “Lightning Storms” and “Legos.”


iwc-ebook-social-media-linkedin-menOwned by Microsoft, this is a business-oriented social network where members invite people to be “connections” instead of friends. Basically, it’s a contact management system with a Q & A section, where profiles look like in-depth resumes and colleagues are allowed to endorse you for skills claimed. This is the best networking tool for B2B engagement through content that links to your blog articles and other business related news.


iwc-ebook-social-media-twitter-birdInitially called a public microblogging network, Twitter is now the top platform for sending and receiving group messages in real time. Members broadcast short posts called “tweets.” Faster and more immediate than a blog, the 140 character limit and unfiltered feed have made this the best way to disseminate breaking news, communicate quick status updates or rally a group to action. This is a great way to get instant news about your company or a link to your latest blog post out to the world. Use keywords as hashtags to get the information into the right hands.


iwc-ebook-social-media-youtube1The premiere place to watch or share video content online, this is also the  second largest search engine after Google (which happens to be the owner). For a business, this is the undisputed best place to upload movies, videos, vlogs and how-to demos. Our video experts can help produce these for you.


iwc-ebook-social-media-pinterest-pins-1This rapidly-growing social network is also becoming a top search engine as people look for unique ideas, instructions and connections for creativity. The visual content is as beautiful as a glossy magazine and the intuitive user engagement is as much fun as a craft fair. Based on pinning aspirational things to a bulletin board, it attracts a fan base wanting to collect and categorize ideas. Pinterest is also a top influencer of online shopping adding a “Buy” button below certain retailers’ products and linking recipes to grocery store coupons.

6 Pieces of a Company’s Social Media Presence

iwc-ebook-social-media-numbers-1Company Page.  Upon joining, information about who you are and what’s wonderful about your company introduces your brand. You might want to use a high quality version of your logo instead of a profile headshot for recognition across all platforms. Make sure your information is correct (location, hours, phone). Pictures and videos help give visual cues to your business.

iwc-ebook-social-media-numbers-2Followers. The more they like, the better you look. These are the trustworthy folks you allow to post comments or message you privately. This, of course, is the whole point: interacting with others of like interests of your own choosing.

iwc-ebook-social-media-numbers-3Groups. You can search for group sites with interests that might relate to your business. For example, search gardening clubs if you own a nursery. It may be a good place to share your expertise on the subject. But be careful not to solicit on the site or you might find yourself ousted from the group.

iwc-ebook-social-media-numbers-4Hashtags. This is how Google finds blogs and social news relevant to specific search terms. It’s another way to group topics of interest to make it easier for people to find you. When the pound sign (#) is inserted before a keyword or words it becomes a link. When someone searches the hashtag they go to a new page with all of the most recent posts from anyone using that same hashtag.

iwc-ebook-social-media-numbers-5Likes. A thumbs up or heart icon appears on most social sites to let a user indicate they are pleased with certain content or sharing. It’s a universal and direct way to endorse or lend approval to something a friend has posted. When users like your content, it’s then posted on their feed, increasing your online presence.

iwc-ebook-social-media-numbers-6Comments. A main goal of groups is to encourage interaction between users. This occurs primarily in the form of comments or discussions. Regardless of the social network platform, you’ll almost always find a place to respond to the previous post or join a conversation.  


Feeling a bit dazed at the depth of social media opportunities? Don’t be. We’ve been knee-deep in the discussion for years. Contact us for plain talk and plenty of guidance to build your custom social media marketing package.