Facebook Strategies to Increase Your Popularity Online

A strong social media presence requires solid website content writing.
Your website content writer should help you build your social media presence.

Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use to reach your target audience. When your website content writer completes the content for your site, it is important to use this social media site to draw attention to your new web content writing. If you want your Facebook posts to increase your popularity, these tips can boost your traffic.

Add Photos

Today’s society is visually driven. Internet users tend to have a shorter attention span today and want something that captures it. Adding photos to your Facebook posts can increase the interaction that content generates. Your followers are more likely to leave comments, like it or share it with their friends and family members. Make sure your photos are interesting and engaging to further boost your numbers.

Keep It Simple

Because of the shorter attention span, it is important for your website content writer to keep your Facebook posts short and to the point. Even if your web content writing is longer, creating a shorter post on social media will attract more attention and give your readers a reason to click on the link to read more. Sometimes longer posts are necessary, but most of them should be less than 250 characters.

Make It Emotional

Emoticons have become a staple in online interactions, particularly between friends and family members. However, these visual expressions are no longer limited to personal interactions. In fact, businesses that use emoticons in their posts generate more comments than posts that avoid using these expressive images. Social media is designed to evoke an emotional response in readers. These small images help portray the emotions you want your readers to feel.

Choose the Right Days

Individuals are more likely to interact with businesses on certain days of the week. Social media statistics show that the highest level of interaction occurs on Thursdays and Fridays than any other day of the week. The specific days depend on your industry, but it is important to remember that no industries show greatest interaction on Monday or Tuesday.

Ask Questions

The best way for your website content writer to generate responses through your social media sites is to ask a question. Posts that ask readers something typically generate twice as many responses as those that make a simple statement. Questions that ask “who,” “should,” “would” and “which” attract more responses than any other type of question. Asking something that requires a fast answer are better at engaging your audience than those that require longer, more thought out answers.

Run a Contest

Running contests is a great way to engage your audience. Everyone likes the opportunity to win something without having to do anything extra. However, when you create Facebook posts that encourage customers to like your page for a chance to win, you will see your number of followers quickly rise. This is the fastest way to attract more followers for your page, along with quality web content writing.

Offer Coupons or Discounts

In addition to getting something for free, many Internet users are on the lookout for ways to save money on the products or services they need to buy. Your Facebook page is the ideal location for providing customers with coupons and special discounts. When customers like your Facebook, they will receive access to a special deal. Offering savings on a regular basis creates a further incentive to keep customers interested in your Facebook page.

Social media has changed the landscape of Internet marketing. Today’s consumers want to interact with their favorite companies on a personal level through Facebook and other social media sites. When your website content writer creates new blog posts or site content, using social media to promote your web content writing ensures you effectively reach your customers. To increase the number of individuals you can reach, it is important to follow these tips to obtain more followers and engage those customers with your posts.

If you are looking for a website content writer to help you engage your Facebook followers, contact us. We can help you create value in your social media pages and generate more interest.