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5 Ways to Max Your Marketing on Facebook

Do you have a favorite tool? Garlic press for making salad dressing? Needlenose pliers for getting into tight spots? How about a telescoping window washer with squeegee? I’ve been using my wonderful weed popper this summer to eradicate pesky dallisgrass.

There’s a social media marketing tool (see where this is going?) that works like a lever. With a little bit of effort at one end, you can lift, or leverage, a great deal of assets on the other side.

So why isn’t everyone using the lever? In some cases, it means getting over the hump of helplessness and just getting started. If half the world is on Facebook (seems that way), why shouldn’t you be too? Participation used to be a nice option to consider down the road. Now it’s as much a part of doing business as answering the phone or unlocking the door.

Facing the Facebook Issue

Whether you’re still on the outside quizzically looking in or already a fairly-skilled Facebooker, two billion users can’t be wrong. It’s the place to be several times a day for distraction, stimulation, enlightenment, and, yes, spending money.

What are the advantages of having a business presence on Facebook?

  • In addition to increasing your fan base, you’ll see a boost in traffic being directed back to your website.
  • Facebook content writers love the user-generated ideas and commentary, providing the best vantage point for analyzing targeted clientele.
  • Market size and viability comes into focus through two-way conversations and opinion sharing.  
  • More likes and shares expand brand desirability to attract new visitors.
  • Email lists grow to include Facebook fans wanting another form of communication and access to special offers.

Whether you have a product or service to promote or want to communicate the human side of your business, don’t miss the free (for the most part) phenomenon called the Facebook Page for business. And here are just 5 ways to take it to the max:

1. Populate with Photographs and Videos

We never tire of looking at other people…people at work, people at play, people being eaten by alligators…what can I say, everyone is a voyeur. I (and 5 million others) watched two children catch snakes for money over and over one night.

Think about the activities associated with your business then translate that to pictures. If HVAC is your line of work, get some geeky scientist to explain why freon is so hard to get and so expensive. Better still, have your staff sing a little jingle:

Freon used to be so cool,

‘Til daring the ozone to a duel.

EPA was the final slayer.

No more harm to the ozone layer!

Call us now at Bobs AC

H-VAC experts…freon free!

2. Gather Collective Wisdom

If you don’t know how to handle a situation, or if you need a new name for a product, take it to the people. It’s called crowdsourcing–putting a problem out to the galacto-sphere and waiting for the answers to return in the form of customer and audience feedback. It’s one of the best benefits of social media marketing and a great way to boost Facebook engagement. Sharing opinions and ideas stimulate involvement, sometimes to the point of testiness. Pose a basic question, offer a contest or employ polls to get responses. Collect the data for a clear picture of what your audience looks like and what they really want.

3. Charity Begins at Home (Office)

Raising money for charity and volunteering as a group are noble corporate pursuits – perfect content for a Facebook page. How did you select this beneficiary? What did your employees learn from the experience? Is there something you need from your Facebook fans, perhaps forwarding a link to their friends to raise awareness? Be sure to show the grateful recipients and generous employees who contributed their time and talents.  

4. In Any Event

National Hot Dog Day may not be important to you, but it is to someone. Sonic paid tribute to the beloved baloney with Dolla Dolla Dogs all day. The spike on Facebook was significant. Look around your industry, organization or community for something to celebrate. Take Your Wife to Work Day. Sequined Sneaker Week. Ugly Christmas Sweater Swap. Turn every day into an event!

5. Saved-Audience Savvy

Once you get going on Facebook, you’ll soon see your fan base grow. Facebook’s Business Manager allows you to create custom targeted audiences based on certain variables. This way you can advertise to select groups, delivering niche content to the desired demographic.

For example, you may have a blog that helps female customers select gifts for Father’s Day, a discussion not particularly interesting to your male readers. By setting up a Saved Audience of all the women on the list, you can speak directly to that group–potential buyers who have an immediate need for your goods and services.

It’s free to set up and test out, so take advantage of this option to break out select segments. You’ll get to see the exact size of certain audiences, a great advantage when considering advertising on Facebook, as you want to know how many people your ads will reach.

Facebook marketing is a tool you don’t want to leave hanging in the shed. It’s essential to a social media marketing strategy regardless of business size or nature. Open up the lines of communications and start using Facebook to capitalize on all the good information you will gather. If you’d like to flesh out your Facebook, feel free to contact the socially gifted content marketing experts at iwebcontent.