6 Ways to Enhance Your Blog to Drive More Traffic

When most people think of driving more traffic with their blog, they think of writing more blogs. While a solid content marketing plan requires you to add blogs to your site on a regular basis, there is more you can do with your blog to enhance its performance. Content writing often takes up a lot of time, but some of the other enhancements require less time and can have an even greater impact on your site traffic. When you combine your SEO copywriting from an article writing service with these tips, you will increase your traffic.

Increase Your Subscriber List

Much of the traffic that comes to your blog is likely from your email subscribers. These are the individuals who receive notification each time you post to your blog. One of the best ways to increase your traffic is to build on that subscriber list. You can do this by adding a call to action at the bottom of each of your blog posts, encouraging people to sign up for the notifications if they are interested in reading more. You may even want to consider setting up a blog subscription landing page to draw people into signing up.

Optimize Your Older Post Titles

Whether your older posts weren’t up to the current blog content writing standard or your keywords have simply changed, you can increase the amount of traffic your blog gets by optimizing the titles of your older posts. As part of your content marketing, you likely have a list of keywords you are currently targeting. Take this list of keywords and implement at least one of them into all of the older blog post titles you can. The search engines will notice these SEO copywriting changes and will index your posts according to the new keywords that can be found in the title, increasing your traffic.

Optimize Any Calls to Action

Calls to action are an important part of your content marketing plan. Without these calls to action at the bottom of your blog posts, your readers are unlikely to act further. Instead, your article writing services needs to write a call to action that relates directly to the topic of the post and includes relevant keywords to attract the attention of the search engines. The call to action should lead to a landing page that is specific to the topic of the post to increase the chances of converting your blog visits into sales for your business.

Recycle Popular Old Posts

Use your analytics tools to determine which of your older posts are attracting the most attention. These are topics that are worth revisiting in your blog. Your article writing service will need to rewrite the blog post from a different angle with different wording. However, if it is a topic that has continued to get views, despite the age of the post, it will increase your traffic to write another post on the same topic. This is a quick way to add some new content to your website without a lot of extra work.

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Social sharing is a critical aspect of content marketing.

Make It Social

Social media has quickly overtaken the world of content marketing. If you aren’t currently using social media to its maximum benefit, you are missing out on vital traffic. Make sure each of your blog posts has social sharing buttons to make it easier for your readers to share what they have read with their family and friends. This can create a ripple effect in the social media world.

Multi-Task with Your Blog Content

Your content writing doesn’t have to be limited for use within your own blog. Use those blogs to multi-task with the other areas of your business. For instance, if you write a piece that focuses on one of the products or services you sell, pass it along to your sales team to use for their advertising efforts. Use your blog posts to create a newsletter that will give your email subscribers critical information about your business. You could even use your blog posts as site content in some situations.

SEO copywriting is a critical aspect of your content marketing plan. While it is still important to keep up with new content on a regular basis to keep your search engine rankings higher and your readers interested, it is also useful to make sure your older posts are helping your cause. When you follow these tips, you can enhance the power of your blog and increase its traffic, improving your chances of converting those readers into sales.

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