“You Had Me at Hello” – Choosing a Great Title for Your eBook

An eBook can effectively reach your target audience.
An eBook is an effective content marketing tool as long as you create an attractive title.

The eBook is a powerful tool many businesses now use as a method of attracting a larger audience and providing more in-depth information to customers and prospects. While there are many ways to encourage individuals to buy or download your eBook, it is essential to make the title as attractive as possible. A great title for your eBook will extend its reach and attract more readers who could potentially become your customers. The professional copywriting service you use is important, but the title is even more critical.

What Is It About?

The title of your eBook is likely the first encounter Internet users will have with your eBook. The title will be featured on your website, in blog posts, on social media sites and maybe even in press releases. It all depends on what you hire copywriters to create for your content marketing. Because the title is the first chance you have to reach out to your audience, your copywriter services need to create one that lets readers know what type of information they can expect from your eBook. Your title should also generate interest and entice viewers to read on.

Provide Benefits

Consumers don’t always want to know the specific features an eBook will focus on. Instead, they want to know why they should consider reading it, as well as the benefits it can provide. To satisfy the curiosity of your readers, your professional copywriting service should create a title that showcases the advantages of the information contained within the writing, telling readers why, instead of what.

Appeal to Emotion

As you consider the title for your next eBook, it can be helpful to appeal to the emotional side of your reader. This doesn’t mean copywriting services strive to make readers laugh, cry or feel extremely angry; instead, it means you need to choose descriptive language that reaches something deeper in the reader’s subconscious. The goal is to create a title that makes them want to read the rest of your content.

Consider Using Subtitles

A great title may be important, but it can also be useful to consider adding a subtitle to your eBook. This subtitle can dig deeper into the purpose of the eBook and provide readers with additional details that can encourage them to download the book. A subtitle becomes essential if your title isn’t long enough to properly portray the information contained within the contents. This tool isn’t always necessary, but when it is used, it can be quite effective.

Make it Catchy, Yet Simple

No one will download or request an eBook that has a title that is difficult to understand or even pronounce. This makes creating the ideal title complex, especially for business owners who have little experience in the area. Copywriting services can often provide the assistance you need to create a catchy title that will attract attention without becoming too complicated. In fact, a professional copywriting service has the skills necessary to create simple titles that capture attention and increase conversion rates as a direct result of your eBook.

Work Backwards

If you are still having trouble creating a title for your eBook, you can work your way backwards to create a compelling title. Write a sentence that details what your eBook is about. You can then narrow this sentence down to its bare bones to create a title. Remove any unnecessary words and implement at least one of your keywords if possible. The goal is to transform the main idea of your eBook into a title that consists of four to seven words. This short title should provide your reader with enough information to determine whether the eBook is a good fit for their needs.

An eBook is an important inbound marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. When you hire copywriters to create your book, writing a compelling title is an important aspect of the process. Without a captivating title that encourages readers to learn more, it won’t matter how good the rest of the content is; your readers will lose interest. A professional copywriting understands the importance of this title and will work hard to provide you with one that will generate success.

If you need an experienced company to create an eBook and promote your business, contact us. Our copywriters can help you choose an interesting topic and create an eBook that can generate leads and increase your conversions.