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Video Marketing: 7 Ways to Customer Retention

Winning over new customers is important, but so is keeping them. After you bring them into the fold, how can you make them family?

Video marketing for business opens up an exciting world of possibilities for connecting with present and future customers. It’s an easy way to introduce the players, plans and philosophy behind a brand and create a channel for conversation that works both ways.

According to a study by Cisco, the global IT and networking giant, video has now surpassed all other forms of Internet content and continues to rise. By 2019, they predict video will account for almost 80% of all online traffic.

Here are 7 ways videos have been used to keep things interesting :

Product News                                                                    

Have you noticed all the young women with deep purple or Raggedy-Ann red hair? I was wondering how they did that. Now I know. New! Color Crave temporary or semi-permanent hair color by Clairol. The company has a cool video ad. I also found a paid influencer doing a demo that was far more fun. Whenever you announce a new product or service, take the opportunity to make a video! Sure people like reading about new products in magazines, but they love watching real customers be the guinea pig, too.

 Clairol Ad

 Clairol Review

Customer Support                                           

A sure way to guarantee retention is to provide proper support. Poor customer service can ruin a relationship. To keep clients happy, keep the lines of communication open. Amazon created a video that put a peaceful voice and patient demeanor to an often frustrating subject: returns. An all-visual, guided explanation of difficult tasks like filling out forms, printing return labels and dropping off boxes assures users they will be in complete compliance.

Amazon Returns

How-To’s and Demos                                 

If your items are particularly complex or technical, videos demonstrating assembly and operation can increase customer confidence. Having a printable set of step-by-step instructions on your site – complemented by a business video production – is an excellent way to reinforce your desire to help customers every step of the way. 

How-To Make a How-To Video

User Reviews

Don’t have the money for video content just yet? No worries. Let your customer try your product or offer a discount in exchange for appearing in a video review. You just encourage them to do an honest evaluation. Most shoppers want to research before they buy. Or they want someone’s opinion who isn’t invested in the brand. User reviews eliminate reservations and often result in purchases.

Torrid Try On Haul

Giveaways, Prizes, Contests                                       

Go on YouTube and you’ll see people playing the game, critiquing the game, praising the game. You’ll also see people dripping Big Macs on their laps while filming themselves peeling off Monopoly stickers while driving through the order lane. Incentives of any kind will attract interest. People will do some crazy things if they think they can win something.

McDonalds Monopoly


Million dollar plus homes are generally not hard on the eyes to begin with. But the creative cameras at TourBuzz glide from room to room caressing each hallway and hat rack as if they were in the Louvre. An upbeat, jazzy soundtrack and actors portraying current residents give the listing a life of its own. If you want to get across luxurious intangibles, try making a video that romances those finer features.

 Real Estate Videos 

Social Media-Friendly                                          

Videos can be made specifically for sharing on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest — not only as promotional content for products, but also as a way to enhance your social networking reputation. What better place to introduce the new Kindle in Motion app than on a Facebook page followed by the world’s most avid readers. Goodreads featured a video demonstrating Kindle’s usual flipping pages of a Harry Potter manuscript augmented by symphonic music, flying sorcerers and swaggering birds. Even book lovers love the excitement a great video can provide to all the senses.

Goodreads on Facebook

Combining all of these ideas into one successful video marketing strategy may be too big a goal to set right now. The point is to start somewhere and see where it leads. You’ll open the forum to questions and answers, gather valuable data from viewers comments and gauge for yourself the value a video adds to your website. If nothing else, you’ll have fun and learn a few things that can help move your marketing strategy a little further down the road.

If you are interested in a video for your website, contact us. We have an affordable video package to engage your potential and current clients.